Monday, December 2nd 2019

GIGABYTE Unveils the C200 Glass Chassis

GIGABYTE today unveiled the C200 Glass ATX mid-tower case (model: GB-C200G). The case is characterized by a tempered glass panel dominating much of the front panel, besides a full-size left-side glass panel. A vertical RGB LED embellishment runs along the front-panel. The front panel intakes are along the sides of the front panel, and feature coarse filters. A finer detachable dust-filter covers the top exhaust. Inside, the C200 Glass features a conventional horizontally partitioned layout.

The top compartment of the C200 Glass has room for ATX (or smaller) motherboard form-factors, graphics cards up to 33 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16.5 cm in height. The bottom compartment has room for PSUs up to 17 cm in length, and two 3.5-inch drive trays, which can each hold smaller 2.5-inch drives. There are two additional 2.5-inch mounts along the motherboard tray, in the upper compartment. Ventilation includes 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm front intakes, 2x 120 mm top exhausts, and a 120 mm rear exhaust that has a factory-fitted fan. You can mount a 360 mm or 280 mm radiator in the front, a 240 mm radiator along the top, and a 120 mm radiator at the rear. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB 3.x type-A ports, HDA jacks, and a button to cycle through lighting presets for the LED diffuser. Measuring 514 mm x 277 mm x 523 mm (HxWxD), the C200 Glass dry-weighs 7.24 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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+ Minimal design
- Pretty much closed front so very little airflow
- Just another case, no real reason to exist.
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The Quim Reaper
'Hey Reaper, whats cooking?'

'...just my 9900K, in Gigabytes new case.'
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It's almost 2020 and yet still no Type-C.. are they in a coma ?
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Although I currently use some of and generally like most of GB's products, I totally, 1000% agree with all of the above comments, which mirror exactly the same things I have been sayin for like 2-3 years now when all of the so-called "NEW" cases are announced....

Hopefully, the new year will bring some real "NEW" case designs that actually are, like, you know, like "NEW"... fingers crossed.....hehehehe...:eek:...:laugh:...:fear:
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How is it new? I swear this has been available for a few months now.

Update: yep. Just checked. Available here for a few months now.
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Could have added a black border on the glass--to hide the mounting holes for steel side panels.

Another "Meh" case.
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XajelIt's almost 2020 and yet still no Type-C.. are they in a coma ?
Outside of charging some phone types, no one uses it. I dont see USB-C external hdd's being common or flash drives.
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CrAsHnBuRnXpOutside of charging some phone types, no one uses it. I dont see USB-C external hdd's being common or flash drives.
Well, part of the reason they (USB-C hdd's/flash drives) are not "common" is the lack of the ports to connect them to.... if the case mfgrs would include the ports, more peripheral mfgr's would make stuff that could use them..... classic chicken & egg situation.....

And BTW, I have had the following devices with C-connectors for nearly 2 years now:

a. my Z170 mobo
b. my external & flash drives
c. all 5 android phones in my house
d. my daughter's lappy & 4 port hub
e. my son's Z390 mobo & Level 20XT case

My lappy & docking station at work has them also, so apparently they are becoming more & more common, albeit slowly, thanks to the above......:laugh:
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