Friday, December 13th 2019

Thermaltake Announces S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Case

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is thrilled to announce that the S500 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Chassis now comes in a white version- the S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Mid Tower Chassis- is now available for pre-order. Embeded with the main idea of being sleek, simple, and elegant, the S500 TG Snow shows sophistication and simplicity and is all built with a modern steel construction. The S500 TG Snow's immaculate snow white panels make it easy for users to build their own winter themed liquid cooling gaming system.

The chassis is manufactured with one tempered glass side panel, two preinstalled standard fans, 140 mm at the front and 120 mm at the rear to enable outstanding ventilation. Through Thermaltake's exclusive TT RGB PLUS software, users can select different light modes and colors to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. The S500 TG Snow incorporates a full modular design, vertical radiator & GPU mount, patented rotational PCI-E slots, and the support for 200 mm fans. The new S500 TG Tempered Glass Snow Edition Mid Tower Chassis is a great fit for PC builders who are looking for a modern and stylish chassis.
Features of Thermaltake S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Mid-Tower Chassis:

Sleek Steel Design
The S500 TG Snow is made with a full metal structure and has a sleek front panel design along with an elegant 4 mm tempered glass window. This case hides the ample air intakes, and the removable power supply cover that gives you plenty of space to route cables and clean up the build.

Patented Rotational PCI-E 8 Slot Design
With Patented Rotational PCI-E slots, you can choose to display your graphic cards vertically which helps gain flexible space for system.

Superior Hardware and Liquid Cooling Support
The chassis has outstanding expandability. It can support a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 172 mm, dual expansion VGA slot of up to 400 mm in length without an HDD rack, and a power supply with a length of up to 220 mm. Besides two pre-installed fans, S500 TG Snow can still house up to three 140 mm or two 200 mm front fans, up to two 200 mm fans on top, and a radiator up to 360 mm on top and 420 mm at the front to allow users to build their desired high-end system.

Handy I/O Ports
The top-front panel of S500 TG Snow features two USB 3.0 ports two standard USB 2.0 ports, providing direct access points when needed.

DMD: Dismantlable Modular Design
Enables user to freely build the system from the ground up with given modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-design mounting arrays. No more unreachable screw corners or gaps and enjoys installation in a breeze with Dismantlable Modular Design.

For more information, visit the product page.
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6 Comments on Thermaltake Announces S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Case

The Exiled Airman
Another poor airflow case
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Another poor airflow case
Not perse, I mean not brilliant, but not poor maybe.
It looks like that NZXT case, which also as a decently wide vent area on the side and top of the case.
I think gamers nexus once reviewed that design where they said that sometimes, brute forcing it, works.

Biggest problem this case has is that its Thermaltake, and after Caselabs they can just F themselves.
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That black frame on window ‍‍FFS
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Well hello, USB 2.0!
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John Naylor
Looks like another Phanteks clone ... You can't judge air flow by pictures ... That claim was made on the Evolv and 600S (uses Evolv chassis) ... and soundly debunked in testing.

After the clamor of poor air flow arose, Hardware Canucks tested this assumption.

https: //

Default Condition - 271 ft/min w/ solid front cover
Panel Angled - 281 ft/min
Panel Removed - 281 ft/min
Mesh removed- 300 ft/min
Dust filter removed - 313 fpm

So what can we conclude:

1. Removing the mesh such as used on those allegedly 'all open' cases ... had the biggest impact on air flow -19 fpm
2. Removing the dust filters had the second biggest impact
3. Taking the air flow killing solid front cover off had the least impact 10 fpm ... less than 1%

Panel Angled - 281 ft/min
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