Monday, January 6th 2020

Puro Sound Labs Debuts PuroPro & PuroSport Headphones at CES 2020

Puro Sound Labs, the world's leading manufacturer of premium, safe headphones today announces two new products aimed at providing a wonderful listening experience and peace of mind to listeners everywhere. Debuting their PuroPro and PuroSport headphones at CES 2020, Puro Sound Labs now not only provides a safe listening environment for children, but for older teens and adults as well.

With their new PuroPro headphones, Puro Sound Labs has officially entered the realm of Bluetooth wireless ANC headphones for adults, while promoting healthy ears and protecting hearing, as well. The PuroPro headphones provide a safe listening environment by limiting the maximum volume to 85dB/95dB. According to some of the nation's top health organizations, including the Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA, World Health Organization, American Speech Pathology Association, and many others, 85 dB is the maximum safe listening volume for up to 8 hours, and 95dB is safe for up to 50 minutes a day.
Like all headphones from Puro Sound Labs, the PuroPro headphones feature Puro's Balanced Response Curve to provide studio grade audio quality engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass.

Unique to PuroPro headphones is their Digital Noise Reduction technology, which offers listeners two levels of adjustable ANC according to ambient noise, with deep noise reduction reaching 32dB and general noise reduction reaching 22dB.

Their high-storage batteries measure 750mah with play time up to 28 hours with ANC on and 32 hours without. They can also last up to 300 hours in standby mode, as well.

All of this comes in a high-quality design consisting of durable, supple protein leather ear cushions and headband for a comfortable listening experience. They also conveniently fold in their case for storage and travel.

Puro Sound Labs now offers a perfectly healthy listening experience on the go with the introduction of their PuroSport Volume Limiting Bone Conduction Bluetooth wireless headphones.
Featuring Puro Sound Labs' 85dB/95dB volume limited technology and their Puro Balanced Response Curve, the PuroSport headphones offer all the protection and sound quality that listeners have come to expect with the Puro Sound Labs brand.

In addition to limiting the maximum volume, the PuroSport headphones enhance listener safety with their bone conduction technology. Utilizing open ear technology that lets users hear ambient surroundings by having the headphone rest on frontal ear bones rather than in-ear.

The PuroSport headphones also offer extreme convenience by providing 10 hours of battery life for music playback and 48 hours on standby. They are also IPX 5 Waterproof, meaning they are made of durable, comfortable waterproof material perfect for people who run, cycle, and work out in the gym.

The PuroPro and PuroSport headphones will both be available on Amazon and with complete specifications, pricing and availability announced closer to launch.
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