Tuesday, February 27th 2007

Sony comments on the PAL-compatible version of their console

As we reported on Friday, The version of the PS3 that will ship to PAL territories has lost some PS2 hardware, which will drastically reduce the amount of PS2 titles compatible with the PS3. However, in an unofficial blog, Sony has said that this reduction in backwards-compatibility isn't all a bad thing. They removed the PS2 processor that is found in the American/Japanese PS3 only to meet the strict PAL standards, and the models that are PAL-compatible will have a PAL sticker on the front. Sony will also work hard to update firmware to allow more and more backwards-compatibility with PS2 games. On March 23rd, Sony will maintain a site with a nice long list of compatible PS2 games. You can visit this site when it goes online here.Source: 1Up
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5 Comments on Sony comments on the PAL-compatible version of their console

so now the highest cost, the longest wait and now the least features.
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Bird of Prey
Hey, blame the stupid PAL standard ::rofl:: Just kidding. Im not sure what the difference between PAL and NTSC is anywho.
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pal has a higher standard resolution to NTSC which really shouldn't be a problem for a console that can support HD resolutions.
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Another bl00dy reason why I'm not going to buy a PS3. :mad:
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In case you are looking for this 'semi-official' blog head over here.
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