Wednesday, February 28th 2007

Apple confirms delays in the release of their AppleTV's

The AppleTV may do to the television world what the iPod did to the MP3 player. It allows for the streaming of video content from a Macintosh or Windows computer, and then does everything a standard DVR does. It also can read a lot of other video/audio formats, and can natively output over an HDMI signal. The unit also sports a 40GB hard drive to store content locally. It also uses the latest WiFi standard, 802.11N, to connect to the internet (the very same one Apple is charging $2 for Macintosh customers to use). We can expect to see the £199/$299 unit in mid/late March.

Source: Reg Hardware
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3 Comments on Apple confirms delays in the release of their AppleTV's

Completely Bonkers
Yep. Looks good. I've had terrible troubles with Netgear MP101 which is Audio. It's wireless, but doesn't even connect to a Netgear Prosafe 11g wireless router. Blxxdy aweful. The only connection is through hardwire... which defeats the purpose. OR by adding a second, old, 11b wireless. It will connect to that! Blxxdy stupid. But that was enough to discourage me going to ANY video box. Somehow, I get the impression that the Applebox will, just, work! Count me in.
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is IPTV services out yet?
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Bird of Prey
Nice looking but Ill keep my DISH DVR thanks :L)
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