Saturday, March 3rd 2007

Vista Keygen a Hoax

The other day, techPowerUp! reported on a keygen for Windows Vista which supposedly allowed users to (illegally) generate activation codes for use with Vista which could fool the activation. However, the creator of this brute force keygen, known simply as “Computer User” on the KezNews forums, is himself admitting that the keygen was a joke and he’s never gotten it to work, saying “everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!” There have been some reports of success, and although there is a slight chance the keygen could work, the chances of actually generating a working code are slim – it would probably take days if you got one at all. So it looks like he’s either worried about action from Microsoft and pretending it doesn’t work, or it genuinely is a fake.Via: Slashdot
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DanTheBanjoman said:
Back up your claim.
dan dan dan, your a mod, be an example, dont ask for somebody to post keygens, this is what people where talking about, had somebody else posted that they would have gotten a warrning and probbly an infraction, if your going to be a mod, then you need to be a GOOD example of what a member should be.
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Anything CAN be cracked.... Period!

Simple said, and I'll leave it at that... As for the keygen... Thats a grand joke to play on people.
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AshenSugar said:
i would bet my windows 2003 installs faster then any version of vista even starter, 12-16min FULL INSTALL WITH QUICK NTFS FORMAT.

and i dont feel the copys some people like myself would need are cheap, buisness(pro) version of the os is overpriced for non-buisness users, how much you want to bet somebody brutforced a ton of keys and starts selling them :)
I timed my install on my P4 1.8 notebook 512mb ram, took it 31 minutes with an about dead shot cd drive and running at 1.3ghz because of a bad charger board.
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Wile E
Power User
joinmeindeath417 said:
seriously guys, its not like your paying 500 dollars for it :COUGH:MAC LEOPARD ::COUGH::
I'd like to know where you got this info. Apple charges $500 for their server OS with 10 licenses. Every desktop version of OS X they have released, has been $130 at launch.
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