Monday, May 11th 2020

Cougar Intros MX331 Line of Mid-tower Cases

Cougar late last week rolled out the MX331 line of ATX mid-tower cases. The case comes in four variants based on looks and functionality: the base variant has a mesh front and an opaque left side-panel with some fan vents. The next variant comes with a mesh front, and tempered glass side panel. The variant after that, the MX331 Mesh X, builds on this with RGB embellishments and an included 120 mm RGB rear exhaust fan. The top variant has piano-black acrylic front, with tempered glass side panels. All four variants are internally identical, the top two come with additional USB 3.x ports.

Internally, the MX331 comes with a conventional horizontally partitioned layout. The top (motherboard tray) compartment can hold graphics cards up to 35 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15.5 cm in height. Storage options include two 3.5-inch trays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives; and two additional 2.5-inch mounts behind the motherboard tray. Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes, two 120 mm exhausts at the top, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. The case measures 481 mm x 204 mm x 443 mm (HxWxD). The company didn't reveal pricing.
Cougar MX331 Mesh X Cougar MX331
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5 Comments on Cougar Intros MX331 Line of Mid-tower Cases

I'm still waiting to see a Cougar intro stuff. ;)
"All four variants are internally identical, the top two come with additional USB 3.x ports."
Only the base version shows limited front ports.
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Tbh i really like this approach. Simple design that is actually airflow focused. Those sidemounted fans do wonders for your graphics card!
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Looks almost perfect for my needs. Has ODD bay, front mesh, enough space for fans. I'm only wondering with mounting for 3,5" hdds, but in the worst case with lots of useless mounting for 2,5" drives i will workaround it. The only odd thing in these cases is front panel usb 2.0 ports, wonder why they include them instead of going full 3.0.
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I'm in shock... "shock" I tell yah...

Apparently these guys have actually heard of hard drives, SSDs, and
( gulp ) actual bluray disks... unbelieveable!

Now I wonder if the idea gets some traction with the rest of
the tech universe.
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Jun 26th, 2022 23:32 EDT change timezone

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