Monday, May 25th 2020

MSI Releases "Sound Tune" AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Software

MSI, a world leader in gaming and content creation hardware, unveils the MSI Sound Tune, an AI-powered noise cancellation software that filters out all the unwanted background noises to remarkably enhance users' communication experiences. "MSI is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. The new MSI Sound Tune breaks the traditional boundaries on noise reduction by integrating deep learning AI technology to audio signal processing, allowing users who have to work from home amid the global pandemic to communicate clearly and stay productive with their tasks," said Harry Kao, MSI Technical Director.

MSI Sound Tune's AI-powered noise cancellation is achieved through Deep Neural Network (DNN) with more than 0.5 billion Synthetic Noisy Speech Data to help simulate the way human brain works. The traditional noise reduction technology, with its manually compiled algorithm, doesn't work well in environments with complicated noise sources, such as keyboard noises, construction site noises, coffee shop whispers, or the loud noise that overwhelms the vocal sounds. Comparatively speaking, the MSI Sound Tune, utilizing human brains' excellent ability to distinguish human vocal sounds from environmental noises, can extract the vocal sounds from complicated environments, giving users extra clear, noise-free commuication in various surroundings.
A trial version of the MSI Sound Tune Software is now available at MSI's website and expires on June 30, 2020.
Source: MSI
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5 Comments on MSI Releases "Sound Tune" AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Software

NV RTX Voice rebrand?
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Meh, exclusive to MSI laptops and desktops. I was hoping my MSI motherboard would be eligible.
Probably as Arumio commented, it's just a rebranded Nvidia noise cancellation software.
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Oh, so that is the angle now. Every company is now going to release an AI powered whatever app so that they have a stake in 'AI'... Never mind the fact most AI basically means a decision tree which is nothing new.

Audio solutions looking for new problems, gotta love it.
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This is definitely not RTX Voice.
I tried RTX Voice and found that RTX Voice takes up a lot of memory resources.
In addition, the RTX Voice installation file size is up to 327M, while the MSI Sound Tune is only about 22MB

NV RTX Voice rebrand?
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It all come down to sound quality and effectiveness of the software. I don't mind it using more memory.
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