Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

EVGA Introduces SuperNOVA GT Series PSUs

Upgrade both aesthethics and electronic components with a unique radial design fan grill, compact 150 mm length and width, and 1000 Japanese capacitors, with the new EVGA SuperNOVA GT Series power supplies. 80 PLUS Gold Certified. Ensures that your power supply is 90% efficient or higher.The EVGA SuperNOVA GT uses a long-life 135 mm fan with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) for silence, reliability, and a longer life expectancy.
  • Single +12V Output: Provides a stable output for compatibility with the latest hardware
  • Fully Modular Design: Choose the cables you need to make cable management simple and clean.
  • Auto ECO Mode: Fan RPM adapts to the PSU temperature. The fan will shut off in a low temperature/low load environment, resulting in reduced noise.
  • Full Protection
    • OVP Over Voltage Protection
    • OCP Over Current Protection
    • OPP Over Power Protection
    • SCP Short Circuit Protection
    • UVP Under Voltage Protection
    • Dual OTP Over Temperature Protection on the Primary and Secondary PCB
For more information, visit the product page.
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4 Comments on EVGA Introduces SuperNOVA GT Series PSUs

This will be 7 years warranty, while GA has 10... And EVGA for some reason didn't even send the GA PSUs to testers, after quitting their G2 line with Superflower in favor of Andyson. So, the GT with lesser warranty raises even more questions than the untested GA.
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Use me as a "EVGA's G3 and GA PSUs looked the best" button
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FFS who is going to see that radial fan grill when it's facing down inside a case? :banghead:
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Unfortunately, I own a Supernova 750 G2 and may never need another power supply again unless something stupid happens.
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