Tuesday, June 23rd 2020

DeepCool Launches New Unique X-Frame MF120 GT A-RGB Fans

DeepCool, a leading brand in designing and manufacturing CPU cooling systems launches a brand new unique case fan, the MF120 GT, which features 20 addressable RGB LEDs across the X-Frame that shine through translucent fan blades to create a distinct look from either side in push or pull configurations.

Adjusting colors is easy with direct control through supported RGB software from popular motherboard brands and through Razer Chroma. An included RGB wire controller offers a quick alternative to select through various color profiles to match any build theme. Designed to perform as well as it looks, the MF120 GT provides great cooling performance and PWM control for balanced thermal and noise levels.
The MF120 GT is available as a 3-in-1 pack with other accessories in the box including a 4-port PWM fan hub and a 6-port RGB hub for added flexibility and compatibility with your build. The three pack of fans is now available from Amazon & Newegg for 59.99 USD/59.90EUR.
Source: DeepCool
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3 Comments on DeepCool Launches New Unique X-Frame MF120 GT A-RGB Fans

I'm really not keen on form-over-function stuff but one thing about this is that the LEDs are facing into the case and the only light you'll see will be the scattered/reflected light off the fan blades.

I wish they'd stop trying to reinvent the fan blade though. Over 200 years of evolutionary development globally across multiple industries with billions of dollars invested by aeronautics, marine, and defense industries have unanimously concluded what the ideal blade shape is for moving air. This is not any variation of that shape, this is just silly spinning artwork designed to reflect the RGBLEDs in more interesting ways.
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I am more concerned about body shape. All those edges and gaps will make air to bounce back and recirculate. There is no seal with the mounting surface. They don't advertise them as radiator fans that is fair, but I would really like for manufacturers to use a regular boxy design like Noctua or EK.
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I wonder what took them so long to bring these to market, despite having been teased alongside the "frameless" variants and also having marketed them with the poorly-named Fryzen cooler.

That aside, I'm a bit disappointed these (or their Frameless ones) don't come in 140mm; I have a case that accepts 3 140mm behind a mesh panel, and the design would add a nice hint of lighting without being obnoxious.
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