Tuesday, June 23rd 2020

Alienware Launches AW410K Gaming Keyboard

Alienware today announced the AW410K Gaming Keyboard, an RGB-capable mechanical keyboard sporting either Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown switches. The AW410K features a SB passthrough port so that you don't lose the USB port that the keyboard populates on your PC. The keyboard is a full-size type (which means it has a dedicated number pad) with integrated Macros in the function keys for multimedia capabilities.

The keyboard features two levels of adjustment via the two feet on top of it, a braided cable and a metal top plate for that added premium feel. Other interesting and all-important technologies in the gaming space are also present, such as anti-ghosting, macro programming and on-board memory that allows for the storage of user-defined macros. The Alienware AW410K Gaming Keyboard will launch August 4th and will cost $129.
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cucker tarlson
I liked them better when they packed more alien into alienware
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I currently have the Alienware AW768 Keyboard along with the AW558 mouse.

I've had both for about 2 years.

The 768 is one of the best full sized keyboards I've ever used, but...

#1 Why are the symbols below the numbers (even in the new 410k?)

#2 They got rid of the Macros keys - which is OK since I never used them

#3 The 410k doesn't have my volume dial or the RGB on/off button

To be perfectly honest, I am disappointed Alienware isn't packaging gaming keyboards/mice in their Aurora models and I'm not a fan of this generation's design as much as I was the "triad" designs of the previous generation.
cucker tarlson
I liked them better when they packed more alien into alienware
Feels like they are trying to be more like Apple.
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There's definitely not enough full sized, black, rgb keyboards with red switches on the market already.... That's for sure....
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Looks nice. I would prefer it to be simpler but it's simple enough for my taste.
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Looks garbage. Their spirit died off when they killed their Alienware M17x R4 / M18x R2 type design.

Their Haswell era machines AW 17 R1 is the last of the originality, which had the laser etched nameplate (it's downgraded to a generic one though) the removable battery bay is moved into the chassis and the bottom plate is weak, the exoskeleton construction is not that thick (Area 51M is even thin), they sandbagged the BIOS with secure trash, thankfully the R1 and AW18 both got unlocked BIOS through a bug. Their latest machines are a frigging joke with all BIOS flash protection, BGA trash no MXM, the 17R1 is the last of that socket machine until that A51M happened but it's already abandoned by them, they got RTX2080 GPU as max and now there's no upgrade for the RTX2080Super which is available on the 51M R2 lol it uses a propreitary trash formfactor called Dell Graphics Form Factor. Also no XMP support, pathetic DRAM speeds, need to use proprietary Dell RAM for Intel spec. Area51M is pure garbage machine which just looks good (even white color gets yellowish), battery gets puffy, shitty BIOS with all PCH flash protection, GPUs get fried by trash TDP voltage tables (HW is not made upto the mark), their desktop machines are a gigantic sink of money dumping by noobs, they didn't even offer BIOS update for the 6th to 7th gen Intel CPU upgrade, that's default from Intel so many issues.

Finally about the KB, it uses UWP trash software called AWCC which is also mandatory for that Area 51M garbage, also no volume control, no macro keys, cheap build of plastic crap. Just go to NBR forum and see how garbage their machines are. This brand, I repeat Alienware is dead. Since 2014 Dell went private and they consumed Alienware from inside out, it's just a name now.

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I used to love alienware, the last thing that i had from Alienware was the Alienware m18x r2 laptop. I had 3 2tb Samsung spinpoint HDs and a 1tb SSD msata. It was built like a tank but priced like one. It was sad when they killed off their 18inch laptop designs.
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