Monday, March 12th 2007

AGP solutions from NVIDIA: 7900GS and 7950GT

As it turns out AGP is not quite dead like many people (obviously PCI-E users) claim. If you check our news since the 1st of February we reported five times about the neverending AGP-story. Three of the reports were related to new AGP cards from ATI released to the market. Now it's NVIDIA's turn and they hit the undying AGP crowd with the successor of the 7800GS and another, even faster card.
The Germans from found out that with the latest NVIDIA Forceware 101.41 Beta driver you not only get problems when trying to run Doom 3 and Battlefield 2142 under Vista but NVIDIA is disclosing the upcoming 7900GS and 7950GT GeForce cards with it.
But the best part of the story is that at least a 7950GT card from XFX is already listed at a pricewatcher for a mere 226 Euros. Of course it's not in stock yet but surely not far from really being around.

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8 Comments on AGP solutions from NVIDIA: 7900GS and 7950GT

8600-series AGP?

I doubt 8800-series is going AGP

7900-7950 AGP exists in the form of the Gainward cards sold in UK.
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Completely Bonkers
Anyone know of an existing benchmark for 7950GT vs. X1950Pro/XT (similar prices on AGP). I guess a PCIe comparison would be indiciative if AGP data not available.
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according to

1950xt(x) > 7950 > 1950pro > 7900gs > 1650XT > 7600gt > 7800GS > 1650....etc..etc...etc...

the gecube 1950xt is no better than a xtx due to it comes pre-oced to the xtx.
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Bird of Prey
1950 PRO FTW! ::pokes Ket:: haha, see AGP isnt dead yet. Even though I use PCIe now, Im still glad they make AGP cards.
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I guss they wanna compete with the 1950GT,1950pro, and 1950XT AGP.
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I doubt agp has enough bandwidth to support a beast like a 7950. Heh, I thikn my 6800 (almost) gives agp more than it can chew.
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Nvidia are a bit late... with the agp market closing down, these GPUs won't be popular.
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If im looking for a top-end AGP card.. ill look for one that can do HDR+AA.
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