Wednesday, March 14th 2007

CeBIT: EVGA cooperates with Innovatek

A couple of weeks ago EVGA brought it's watercooled Black Pearl Edition to the market. It's GPU cooler comes from Innovatek and is called Cool-Matic G80 GTS/GTX depending on the card you choose. The cooperation between EVGA and the engineers from Innovatek is quite fruitful as the latest product bundle shows. EVGA is offering it's nForce 680i mainboard coupled with four watercoolers and you can get the aforementioned two watercooled G80 cards of course. The CPU cooler is the G-Flow the other three (2x Chipset and one for the MOSFETs) will be announced at the CeBIT. The whole cooling bundle will be available from Innovatek as well shortly after the convention according to their officials.Source: NordicHardware
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6 Comments on CeBIT: EVGA cooperates with Innovatek

Bird of Prey
ya know that mobo is beautiful, even with all those purdy water blocks. I can see a bunch of tubing in the middle of a window though.
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Heedless Psychic
We all know its not how pretty your hardware looks, its how fast it can move that counts :cool:
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To infinity ... and beyond!
drool.......wipechin, all i can say is DAMN that looks nice
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Yeah, the look is outstanding!
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Ketxxx said:
We all know its not how pretty your hardware looks, its how fast it can move that counts :cool:
From what I've read in a few reviews, that motherboard kicks some royal @ss. Now that it has all those blocks I can just imagine how quite it is... And no worries if the waterblocks fit or not etc.

Looks like a dream to me.
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Azn Tr14dZ
That looks sick, I wonder what the price for it will be! I think that all the tubing will look pretty good too depending on how you route it...
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