Wednesday, March 14th 2007

ECS Introduces Next Generation Bearlake Motherboards at CeBIT 2007

Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc. (ECS), will reveal their newest Intel Bearlake-based motherboards at CeBIT 2007. The new P35T-A, G33T-M and Q35T-M motherboards feature the next generation chipsets and will be continued by the current P965, G965 and Q965 Broadwater-based motherboards, offering across-the-board performance benefits. All these new motherboard chipsets are validated to perform flawlessly with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad processors. The P35T-A is designed for gaming and performance users and provides PCI Express X16 slots (X16, X4) with dual graphics solutions. The ECS G33T-M and its integrated graphics core is designed for the digital home, and the Q35T-M brings more functionality to enterprise and office users. The Barelake based motherboards support 45nm-process microarchitecture CPUs, 1333 MHz FSB, DDR3 memory and work with Intel's new ICH9 Southbridge I/O chip. More information and pictures will be available after CeBIT 2007 starts.Source: ECS
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Bird of Prey
just a quick question. Any reason why Intel is making dual graphics card slots and one is 16X and the other 4x? Any ideas why they wont just go ahead and make both run at 8x, or hell, catch up with everyone else and make them both 16x?
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My stars went supernova
What no SAS or SCSI On the standard motherboard yet.......
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