Thursday, October 29th 2020

Corsair Acquires EpocCam Webcam Application

Corsair has recently announced their acquisition of smartphone app EpocCam which allows users to easily turn their iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, into a wireless high definition webcam for Windows and macOS. The EpocCam application has over 5 million downloads and works seamlessly with major video applications such as Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to chat, stream, or record in HD resolution.

EpocCam will join the Corsair portfolio under their Elgato subsidiary with EpocCam creator and lead developer Sami Grohn joining Elgato as Principal Software Engineer. Elgato has relaunched EpocCam for iOS with a new digital presence and user experience along with further integration into the Elgato ecosystem. The EpocCam application is available as a free version and a pro version for 7.99 USD.
Source: Elgato
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4 Comments on Corsair Acquires EpocCam Webcam Application

neat. might come in handy
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Selling standalone webcams for 100$ basically makes no sense anymore. Watch how Logitech reacts to this. They'll either rebuy this software from Corsair for 10x the price or they'll make a very similar software to just stay in that market.
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Not everyone wants to tie up their cell phone to use as a webcam to stream.
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Yeah, nah, this is a stupid idea.
Tie up an expensive "i" device to use Windows.
How about manufacturers build in better webcams and software in exiting products.
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