Friday, March 16th 2007

Tyan Launches the TyanPSC T-500 Super Workstation

Tyan Computer Corporation announced today the availability of a new product line in personal supercomputing, the TyanPSC T-500 series Personal Super Workstation featuring the AMD Opteron processor Model 2200. The TyanPSC personal super workstation is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, turnkey system that delivers tremendous computation capability in your office or any other environment, while only requiring power from a standard wall outlet.

The TyanPSC Personal Super Workstation is a personal cluster system designed as a workstation replacement with a dedicated, integrated cluster capable of solving many workloads. With a dual-processor head node equipped with a high-powered graphics card, four compute nodes with eight dual-core processors and 80G of memory, the TyanPSC is a powerful standalone design and rendering system.

Tyan is demonstrating several TyanPSC T-500 series systems this week at CeBIT 2007 conference in Hannover in cooperation with key partners in high performance computing. The demonstration showcases the novel design and systems integration TyanPSC achieves in cooperation with leading HPC technology partners. The hardware combination of Tyan's cluster system design technologies and the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture showcases the performance and efficiency the T-500 system achieves when running Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and ISV applications, such as Mathematica, Fluent or LS-DYNA.

“AMD has a strong history in high-performance computing and remains committed to providing leading edge solutions and innovation for HPC customers,“ said Mike Goddard, senior director, Advanced Technology Planning and Performance Labs, AMD. “The TyanPSC personal cluster leverages the performance and performance-per-watt advantages of the AMD Opteron processor to deliver a powerful yet manageable personal computing platform.”

"We're leaving the performance compromise of personal supercomputing behind us by delivering a system into office environments that pumps out nearly one quarter of a Teraflop without the mess and difficulty of the back room data center model," said Eric Chang, Vice President and GM of the High Performance Computing Product Group, Tyan Computer Corporation. "Our T-500 series personal super workstations represent a tremendous leap for our customers who require performance-on-demand to reach their efficiency goals and get results. With the Tyan PSC T-500 series, you just open the box, roll it into your office and plug it in. That's what we provide our customers – hands on supercomputing!"

The TyanPSC T-500 series is an innovative platform solution designed to solve the computational challenges individual scientists and workgroups face in environments that traditionally do not have access to local supercomputing when they need it. The TyanPSC T-500 series is purpose-built to be deployed and used like a workstation, removing the complexity and management that is usually expected from a system that yesterday was in the Top 500, but today is at your desk side. ISV partnerships with ANSYS/Fluent, LSTC and Wolfram Research augment the TyanPSC robust turnkey capabilities.

TyanPSC T-500 Series Features:
  • 1400 Watts max, plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Small form factor, portable
  • Low-noise, whisper quiet operation… less than 52dB
  • High end Graphics – PCIe16 slot available on the Head Node
  • Microsoft Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003
  • Linux Operating System
  • Platform Open Cluster Stack
  • 20 CPU cores per system
  • Up to 80 GB of DDR2 RAM
Availability and Pricing:The TyanPSC T-500 Series starts under $20,000 USD, sampling now with general availability in April 2007.Source: Tyan
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Too bad games cant recognize more than 1 of those CPU's..
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damn, photoshop would love this machine
Low-noise, whisper quiet operation… less than 52dB
lol..."whispery" :rolleyes:
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Thermopylae_480 said:
Probably costs as much as a house.
malware said:

Availability and Pricing:
The TyanPSC T-500 Series starts under $20,000 USD, sampling now with general availability in April 2007.
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Bird of Prey
That is one hulking machine. IT WOULD MAKE A KILLER GAMING MACHINE...with the proper adjustments :)
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only if the game is multi-threaded.
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