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    o0o Quite fast taking down that spam post. Good job! :)
    Hi. Is it possible that i lost votes in the case gallery?
    I thought i had more votes then i have now.
    Please fix my post in GN to read Wall art PC. I have it as Awll artlol
    Hi Thermo, would it be possible to get a separate section for TPU Folding Team as opposed to just a thread? I have charts and tutorials that need to be stickied as well as a plethora of info on folding. I believe this would show a sign of commitment on TPU's part and would also cause a boost in morale of current/future folders. It is my intention to make this team a contender and spread the name of TPU. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Thanks
    Could you look at the crapping which is going on in my build?

    Maybe you have little sympathy for me, but it is bad. If this is the way these forums are, I don't see why I ever signed up. I will have to stick to Dell.com and EVGA.com where people read before retaliating and are open to ideas.
    i have a post and a poll in the Overclocking forum about which temps to watch. Can you delete the post for me, i messed up making the poll. Thanks
    Hey man can you take a look at my last post. Your someone form the time i was highly active and I was hoping to get a well informed decision/info.
    is there anyway you can make it to where more people check my thread ???Windows XP Update???. I'm haveing problems with the windows update, and so far no suggestions have helped me out
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