Wednesday, December 23rd 2020

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TPU!

Another year is drawing to a close, all around the world and here on TechPowerUp as well. A special year, to say the least; it's not the worst in recorded human history, but it's been one of the hardest ever, with more limitations imposed in our lives than in any other we can remember. Most of us have adapted to a new, hopefully temporary reality, one where social distancing and face masks have become commonplace. A reality where countless human lives were lost to an invisible, undiscerning enemy; where economic recession has thrown families and friends out of business or even from their homes. Globalization is indisputable, and while it has many positives, nothing could ever be without fault; the increased interconnectedness of our world means that the system becomes all the more fragile even as it becomes stronger. And while the argument for technology being a potentiator for human loneliness and creating isles of silence between us individuals of the human species presents valid points, one can certainly say that it was technology that helped bridge sentimental and physical gaps for all of us.

We here at TPU couldn't be prouder of the community that has chosen to be with us. All of you, whether you keep yourself signed in all day, hop once daily, or just surf around our community from time to time. TPU long ago stopped being a mere hardware news website, and became a community aggregator—not so much through our own efforts, but because you—and us—are all meant to fold with one another, converse, discuss, and share when given the right environment. Through this environment, we've seen visitor counts that could fill a small city, every day, and there's only been ever more of you throughout this year. Thanks to you, dear reader, we were able to bring you reviews—all 435 of them, and counting—and news posts—3856 and counting, in 2020 alone.

But if TPU is the infrastructure, life and purpose are given to this website by you. And 26,436 of you were online at the same time this year, reading the RTX 3080 launch coverage, marking TPU's highest ever—like Commander Shepard, you endorsed us as your "favorite store in the Citadel". You discussed, shared, and bridged gaps through 226,497 user posts on TPU. And in those posts, readers reacted 221,855 times to content—validating the act of sharing. You as a community are responsible for TPU being ranked #4,990 for global internet traffic—an achievement by any metric, considering the gazillion websites available on Earth (and beyond).

We can only thank you for your time, and thank you for your effort, and thank you for being a part of this community. Onwards to 2021—we'd be honored to see you starside. Oh, and check out this awesome custom TPU wallpaper from our very own Rezasam1!
TechPowerUp Wallpaper by Rezasam1 TechPowerUp 2020 Daily Users Detail
Source: Thanks to @Rezasam1 for the awesome wallpaper!
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116 Comments on A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TPU!

Have a jolly, merry, wondrous, peaceful Christmas!

... and may your framerates be consistently high :toast:
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merry/happy [insert holiday of your choice] everyone!
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Merry Christmass everyone here! Best health to you and your families/friends! Stay strong!
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Happy holidays everyone - and remember to cherish each other :)

Oh, and @Raevenlord - I like your poll :lovetpu:
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Warmth wishes to all of you who are using TPU, TPU all staff and all your families.
May all of you be blessed with the happiness of Christ’s birth and may the coming year bring success and glory to all of us. Amen
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Merry Christmas to everyone that was already a part of our little community and everyone else who is still thinking about joining this lovely helpful international diverse family.
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Merry Christmas! Thx for a year of free from political articles. Best place to relax and enjoy tech stuff.
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Here For Good!
Just a half hour before xmas ends, but Merry Xmas, and a very prosperous new year to all!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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it's not the worst in recorded human history, but it's been one of the hardest ever, with more limitations imposed in our lives than in any other we can remember
1348 / 1349 ;)

and joyeux noël btw
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Merry Christmas and a happy 2021 to all!
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Super XP
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All. :toast:

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Merry Christmas & happy new year to w11zard & all the great TPU family. My #1 site of the whole internet. I rarely if ever comment, but tpu is always opened in my devices. When i read reviews, comments, news pieces, when i navigate pages upon pages of forum posts or in the gpu database i feel right AT HOME.
If someday you want to make a big asado and celebrate the tpu day, there's a place in Argentina to do it
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I know it's (kinda) late but Merry Christmas to the Whole TPU family and to the humanity all around the globe! :)

Addicted to TPU I am for good reason. For in depth reviews and independent (unbiased) opinions. For the educated, well-mannered and hearty community. And for being the proper source of knowledge about all the things (which I love) PC and technology.

So happy 2021 everyone. May the Lord bless you with joy and strength. A truly prosperous, healthy and wealthy year for you and your loved ones. Cheers! :toast:
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Thank you all for your continued sharing of knowledge and insight.
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Happy New Year to you TPU you are one of my favorite sites and app for news on tech and PC hardware.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thank you so much for all you do on this website by far my favorite.
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Wishing you all a better New Year.
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