Tuesday, January 5th 2021

Mad Catz Announces R.A.T. DWS Wireless Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz Global Limited, the leading innovators in gaming hardware, are excited to announce the new R.A.T. DWS gaming mouse, a wireless gaming mouse from the beloved Mad Catz R.A.T. series. Equipped with the hyper-responsive 2 ms DAKOTA mechanical switch, diversified accessories, and a 16K high-end sensor, R.A.T. DWS achieves the ultimate performance, tracking ability, and longevity which other gaming mice can't compete with.

R.A.T. DWS is one of the most customizable wireless gaming mice in the market. Moreover, the additional modular accessories make every game easier to maneuver. Its adjustable palm rest and swappable pinkie rests can fit into every size of hands and accommodate all grip styles. These two sets of pinkie rests enhance the grip friction and prevent you from having discomfort from long hours of play. With the Mad Catz software, you can set up various advanced hotkeys and macros on each of the 14 buttons onto 4 on-board profiles by which every magic spell or melee skill can be mastered in the fight.
R.A.T. DWS is also the first wireless mouse to feature the brand-new Mad Catz DAKOTA mechanical switch. Traditionally, a mouse switch is triggered when the spring hits a metallic contact. This mechanism creates a residual bouncing effect that can result in multiple signals. A debounce delay algorithm is required to overcome this. The DAKOTA Mechanical Switch adopts a new signal detection technology, enabling an instant response to be made by any of two contact points. This technology precisely processes signal registration and accelerates the switch response time to within only 2 milliseconds - 60% faster than other mechanical switches!

R.A.T. DWS is equipped with dual-mode wireless - 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. The 2.4 GHz wireless mode allows you to get access to a rapid 1 ms response, while the low-latency Bluetooth mode can sustain up to 300 hours with only a AA battery, which is engineered to optimize power consumption. The advanced PAW3335DB optical sensor offers a hyper-resolution of 16000 DPI, thereby providing a greater sensitivity that allows for an acute level of precision for victory.

The Mad Catz R.A.T. DWS will be shipping from early February 2021. Availability may vary by region.

For more information, visit the product page.
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Looking at the pictures I thought it was some weird VR helmet. I know it is a mouse now but still see the helmet.
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Lefties left out againo_O
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DWS Dancing With the Stars?
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DWS Dancing With the Stars?
Deeply Worth Shit rather. : DD
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Ho hummm....

Anutha day, yet ANUTHA transformerish-prehistoric-abortion-gone-bad looking rodent :(

makes me just wanna puke.....
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leading innovators in gaming hardware
And yet they don't seem to know where the gaming mouse market has been heading in for the last 3-5 years because If they knew, they would've realized that this 'gaming' mouse will be DOA to the majority of PC gamers solely due to its weight. A shame, too, because I loved the customizability of the R.A.T mouse I had like a decade ago.

Considering its weight, materials used and amount of buttons it has it would've been better for Mad Catz to change directions on this mouse and attempt to market it towards the professional crowd following the removal of that logo and changing the name to something more... elegant. Welp, they went bankrupt for a reason.
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I see Mad Catz are still reheating their yesterday's supper. The side buttons seem the same as older models that are really weak and can break easily.
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I have to say this thing is F-ugly as hell. :shadedshu:
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