Wednesday, January 13th 2021

MSI Tech for the Future Expo: Live Blog

MSI is hosting the 2021 Tech for the Future virtual event to show off its very latest technology for the year ahead, with big announcements in store for the company's Summit creator workstations, desktops, notebooks, monitors, Ultrabooks; and onward to the segment the company dominates—the MSI Gaming DIY PC components, spanning motherboards, graphics cards, AIO liquid CPU coolers, monitors, and a lot more. Join us in this live-blog of the MSI Premiere for 2021 as it unfolds.

19:07 UTC: Finally, show underway after two countdowns. Lucky spent lockdown at a gym.
19:09 UTC:
RTX 30-series SeaHawk. Highest-end PCB cooled by an Asetek-designed CLC.
19:10 UTC: The CLC uses a large base-plate that cools the GPU and memory:
19:11 UTC: 240 mm radiator with TorX fan, complete fanlessness capable: both the radiator fans, and the fan cooling the VRM on the card

19:12 UTC:
19:13 UTC: The RTX 30-series Suprim X, encore
19:15 UTC: Clutch GM41 lightweight gaming mouse, 16000 dpi, lightweight mouse using advanced materials. Launches soon worldwide
19:18 UTC: MSI enters enthusiast SSDs!10-layer PCBs, 7000 MB/s, Gen 4 M.2 NVMe
19:19 UTC: MPG Artymis 1000R curved gaming monitor. Perfectly fits the curvature of the human eye.
19:22 UTC: MEG Z590 motherboard series. ACE, Unify, and Unify ITX. Led, as always, by the GODLIKE.
19:24 UTC: MPG Coreliquid K-series AIO CPU liquid coolers, uses independent fan-speed control, TorX 4.0 fans. A fan inside the pump-block ventilates the CPU VRM area, and features an LCD display.
19:25 UTC: Creator P50 content-creator PC. CES design winner, powered by Core i9 processors, creator-grade hardware.
19:26 UTC:
Update 19:27 UTC: Summit creator PC with Intel sensor suite.
19:28 UTC: The new MSI Center software that controls everything in your gaming or creator PC.
19:29 UTC: MSI's own AI noise-cancellation tech:
19:30 UTC: Duet Display converts your tablet into a second display:
19:31 UTC: Smart Image Finder is an AI inference image search for your PC. Backed by Microsoft Azure Cloud
19:32 UTC: "Hey Lucky" voice command. Use voice commands in-game.
19:33 UTC: MSI Mystic Light dynamic ambient lighting.
19:33 UTC: And that's a wrap.
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3 Comments on MSI Tech for the Future Expo: Live Blog

Cool, glad to see they are looking towards the future. I always thought their "MSI Tech for the Past Expo" seemed out dated.
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Ferrum Master
Cool, glad to see they are looking towards the future. I always thought their tech for the past expo seemed out dated.
Sure speaking of dated... I almost mistook the second picture like Judas Priest Painkiller album cover from 1990... :D
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