Thursday, January 21st 2021

Apple Reportedly Developing VR & AR Headsets For Launch in 2022 & 2023

Apple is reportedly developing an initial VR headset as a precursor to their eventual AR glasses. The upcoming VR headset will be a niche expensive product that may only be distributed through Apple's first-party stores and will cost considerably more than competing products from Oculus, Sony, and HTC. The headset will feature custom Apple silicon more powerful than their current M1 processor and include limited AR abilities. Apple had previously planned to develop a device that would harness the processing power of a user's mobile device but has since switched to a standalone solution which has increased complexity. The Apple VR headset codenamed N301 is currently in a late prototype stage and may be announced sometime in 2022, if this timeline holds then Apple may announce their AR glasses the next year in 2023.
Source: Bloomberg
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Big like though I hate apple as a company, but if there is one thing apple is to be trusted to do it is to shift the market. So if apple can force the other competitors to up their game, then I welcome their solution. Often a move from apple means a scaleup from component manufacturers which opens up the market for even more companies.
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This is good news.

The problem I am seeing is the FRACTURE in distribution in VR, especially in terms of Facebook. Hopefully, Apple doesn't go this direction as well.

Valve has set the bar for VR. There is absolutely no comparison for the quality that is Half Life Alyx. I would love to see Apple try to step into this role of game development as well. The best thing about Apple is the blend of Hardware and Software into a single package.
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I feel like 22 or 23 is way too late. FB will be so far ahead by then with VR and AR. I was really hoping that they would have it ready this year. The N301 sounds like a higher-end Quest 2 which will be a hard sell to the masses. I hate to sound pro FB of anything because if Valve would make an AIO VR HMD then I would jump ship asap. I was really hoping the Index frunk would have a stick type pc that plugged in and turned it into a AIO and use the 2 front cameras as tracking via "windows mixed reality" type tracking.

I hate to keep beating the same drum but the Quest 2 is just to good in price and performance wise. I don't know if it's offical and I can't find the source but someone said they are losing around 75 buck on every quest 2 64gb sell which they are banking on recouping that from software sales. If Apple waits to 22 then they could be up against a new Quest model with better front facing cameras. Carmack has already said he wished they would have used better cameras than the current low quality black and white cameras so it could do some AR but they need to hit the $299 price point. If Apple waits till 23 then they could be up against a 4th gen Quest with VR/AR.

Who knows about Valve? I've heard they plan to release a new Index that is easier to manufacture with better available components, but still keep the highend VR market. Either way a new powerhouse jumping in to the VR and AR market is always welcome, let's hope they do better than Google and MS. I doubt I'll ever own an Apple VR/AR HMD but I said the samething about never being on FB and here I am.. lol Never say never is real! lol
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
The big upside is that people will look harder at VR/AR, because it's Apple.
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then finally we would have a VR HMD with Retina Display? Sweet!! :clap:
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