Thursday, January 28th 2021

Sharkoon Unveils Skiller SGK30 Gaming Keyboard

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. Sharkoon now presents the SKILLER SGK30. This is a mechanical keyboard which has durable mechanical switches, available with or without feedback, and should thus be suitable for prolific writers and casual gamers as well as eSports enthusiasts. It also has an integrated RGB illumination which can be customized thanks to the downloadable software.

Using the downloadable software of the SKILLER SGK30, numerous settings can be made, allowing the keyboard to be modified according to personal preference. Once created, the modifications can be saved in up to 20 game profiles. Also, thanks to the macro function, input commands can be created and saved, while preset function keys enable access to various multimedia actions.
Customizable RGB Illumination
The integrated RGB illumination of the SKILLER SGK30 provides colorful plays of light via the downloadable software. The software gives access to more than 15 pre-programmed lighting effects at the push of a button, providing atmospheric variations to suit the occasion. The software also allows further various lighting adjustments to be made, according to the user's own taste.

Durable and Compact Design
When designing the SKILLER SGK30, Sharkoon gave attention to the choice of the components which would be used for the keyboard. The durable mechanical switches, which are available as either blue or red variants, and the textile braided cable should promise a long service life. With at least 50 million keystrokes, the keyboard also has an above-average durability. The USB connector is gold-plated for interference-free transmission. With a length of 430 millimeters and a width of 144 millimeters, the SKILLER SGK30 is also very compact and lies conveniently flat with a height of only 35 millimeters.

Price and Availability
The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK30 is now available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 49.99 euros.
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7 Comments on Sharkoon Unveils Skiller SGK30 Gaming Keyboard

JAB Creations
It's not a gaming keyboard without 2x2 macro keys like my Logitech G110. I'm tired of seeing copy-and-paste products.
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Sharkoon, just re-release Mech SKG2. I couldn't get my hands on one the first time around!
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According to their marketing, having "Sharkoon" engraved on the space bar is one of the top 5 highlights of this keyboard.
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I do hope it has more uniform lighting. I have the PureWriter variant and the bottom parts of the keys are not lit very well.
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now make a wireless/BT version, and I MIGHT be interested.... :p..:laugh:..:cry:
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MysteoaI do hope it has more uniform lighting. I have the PureWriter variant and the bottom parts of the keys are not lit very well.
Very few keyboards have addressed that issue. Standard design is the LED goes above the central shaft (or whatever it's called) and since that's solid, light won't go through it to light up the bottom of the keys.
Unless otherwise specified, just assume all keyboards will have the same problem.
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