Monday, February 1st 2021

Colorful Announces GeForce RTX 3070 Neptune Graphics Card: Integrated AIO

Colorful has announced an expanded addition to its Neptune lineup of AIO, water-cooled graphics cards in the form of the RTX 3070. Previously, the company only offered Neptune versions of its RTX 3090; and the company seems to have prioritized the GeForce RTX 3070 instead of the RTX 3080 as its next graphics card to receive the integrated watercooling solution.

Like the RTX 3090 Neptune, the RTX 3070 Neptune features RGB lighting on its central core fan that delivers RGB illumination - fully customizable via the iGame Center App. It's a 2-slot graphics card that comes with its own 240 mm radiator, with a dual 120 mm silent fan configuration for heat dissipation purposes. The Colorful RTX 3070 Neptune features a 14 + 4 phase power supply circuit that's kept fed by a 3x 8-pin power delivery subsystem, and keeps the "One-Key OC" capability that's materialized in a bracket button that overclocks the card automagically. The card features a Base clock of 1,500 MHz and Boost clock 1,725 MHz, elevated by the One-Key OC functionality to 1,845 MHz. I/O is assured by 1x HDMI and 3x DisplayPort. TDP for the card is rated at 270 W; size is 295 mm long, 150 mm wide and 42 mm thick, while the radiator stands at 118 mm wide, 271 mm deep and 53 mm thick.
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7 Comments on Colorful Announces GeForce RTX 3070 Neptune Graphics Card: Integrated AIO

probably about a 1000 dollars, maybe a tad more
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be quiet! - Shannon
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Not a fan of the RGB, but I love AIO-cooled GPUs as they have such tasty and consistent boost clocks.
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Or just get a normal 3080 for the price (when they are available)
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I wanted to buy a 3080 TUF OC but not available, at this rate maybe I should wait for Lovelace/Hopper lol.

Running a 2070 Super connected to my 165Hz 1440p g-sync monitor, can still run anything I throw at it.
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I don't get how new cards are continuously being announced in the absence of any stock month after month.
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Another paper launch? Awesome, love seeing new products I cant buy. Definitely a budget friendly launch.!
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thats actually a bit sexy, would better without the RGB, but still decent looking.
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