Thursday, March 22nd 2007

Shuttle Readies CarPC

Shuttle last week at CeBIT demonstrated its CarPC system for automotive integration. The upcoming Shuttle CarPC measures in at 11” (D) x 9.1” (W) x 2.8” (H) and is capable of operating under temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit stably. The power supply integrated in the Shuttle CarPC has automotive specific features. It automatically starts the system when the car starts, automatically shuts down the system when the car is turned off, and also eliminates the voltage fluctuations. Specifications of the Shuttle CarPC include Intel Core Duo T2400 paired with the mobile 945GM chipset (featuring integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics). There's also an integrated high-definition audio with one line-output and one S/PDIF. Shuttle does not integrate an optical drive, GPS or wireless Internet in the CarPC; however, customers may add the devices via the four USB ports. The system uses a conventional keyboard and mouse as well as a touch-screen display for input.

Source: DailyTech
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
as much as i enjoy messing around with computers i have to say that we enthusiasts need to draw the line somewhere. a damn personal computer in your car? sure it may come in handy at times, but people, lets get out and get a damned life!!!!
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I'd rather have a PC for car engine temperature monitoring, as well as special electronic control :roll:
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nitrous/engine/hydraulic/neon "management" :)

does this car look familiar to anyone ;)?
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The Police lose their sense of humour when you use a mobile phone whilst driving, imagine how pissed off they're going to be when they catch you having a frag-fest at 90 in the outside lane!
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ex_reven said:
nitrous/engine/hydraulic/neon "management" :)

does this car look familiar to anyone ;)?
1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor, from 'Gone in 60 seconds'?
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this is a good idea, i think there are a lot of practical uses such as a mobile technician where a built in computer could be more practical as well as less likely to be stolen in comparison to a laptop but depending on the pricing for this a laptop could still be the viable option for most.
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Bird of Prey
This would be one expensive as hell GPS for sure. I dont see the need for it unless it drives for you and what not, kind of like Timecop.
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evil bill
it seems to be more of "lets build it because we can" rather than a "lets build it because the world needs it" kind of thing. An interesting oddity ATM, nothing else. It may be that someone comes up with some kind of killer app for it in time but I dont quite see the point.

Separate Laptop, GPS and iPod would cover all of what it could do, and do them better with more convenience.
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That carputer is not ideal, due to the cpu. it has a higher power consumption and a lot of heat...95 degree indoor, or in your car on a warm day? I think they forgot to add ambient tempature when in a car. What you want is a VIA C3 cpu with 1ghz or higher...which would cost you around 150 bucks, and the case is no more than 60-70bucks. The most important question is does that unit comes with the proper software?
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There are people who use their car-puter to control movies, music, their gps, and who knows what else. This is mainly aimed at diy'ers and high end autos.
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Wile E
Power User
Something like this could come in handy for gear heads that have a PC programmable Engine Management Unit and Data Logger. Never have to worry about your laptop getting knocked over or falling. It's a bit overpowered for that, tho.
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Azn Tr14dZ
Don't they already have on of these called DriveSoft (different company)? It has GPS, MP4, Internet, E-Mail, and such...saw it on Pimp My Ride and online as well.
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