Wednesday, February 24th 2021

Gigabyte Announces "Neonpunk" GeForce RTX 3060 AORUS ELITE

"Neonpunk style emanates in the darkness from the glimmer of high quality metals, showcasing futuristic aesthetics in the darkness of the night. The new era of esports has arrived." This is how Gigabyte describes their latest RTX 3060 AORUS ELITE design. Apart from the apparent attempt at coining a new nomenclature for RGB lighting and dark materials, Gigabyte have announced that their to-be-launched graphics card features the company's well-known Windforce 3X cooling system.

The card features a 1x 8-pin and 1x 6-pin power delivery subsystem, a black metal backplate, dual-BIOS capabilities with a (default) OC and a Silent mode, and LED power indicators to easily troubleshoot power delivery issues. No word on pricing or clockspeeds were available at time of writing.
Source: Videocardz
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8 Comments on Gigabyte Announces "Neonpunk" GeForce RTX 3060 AORUS ELITE

And you can actually buy it in 2023! :clap:
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For a mere $10 000 it can be yours!
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No more exciment about Nvidia cards, if You can find one it will cost triple so...
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Oooo that's a pretty card.

I was a bit let down that they didn't have awesome looking cards like their 2080S with the fancy led fans n stuff for the 30-series. Ended up getting a gaming x trio 30series for the excellent cooler.
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Nothing "neon" nor "punk" about this damn thing. FFS. :rolleyes:
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Wow, the Aorus name is supposed to be for high-end stuff. This is Elite and the card is a 192-bit GPU. Must be for the l33t 12GB of VRAM. Not to mention it has the lowest uplift from prev-gen.
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