Thursday, April 15th 2021

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset Now Available in Arctic Camo

Leading gaming audio and accessory brand Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR) today announced the latest colorway for the Company's best-selling Recon 70 gaming headset. The all-new Recon 70 Arctic Camo is available now at and at select retailers in participating territories. The new Arctic Camo is the 10th Recon 70 color option made available for gamers to choose from, each one delivering the immersive sound and lightweight comfort gamers expect from Turtle Beach. Powerful 40 mm over-ear speakers, crystal-clear mic performance, leatherette-wrapped cushions, and multiplatform functionality with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices, plus a MSRP of $39.95 make the Recon 70 an easy choice for gamers looking for a new, affordable headset.

"Our Recon 70 series gaming headsets have sat atop or near the top of every monthly sales leaderboard since their launch in April 2019, making them the Company's best-selling headsets across multiple platforms. Continuing to add more options to this award-winning product is important for us and our fans," said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach. "With the new consoles still on backorder and remote learning in place, the Recon 70 Arctic Camo and its other colorway options are perfect choices for gamers looking for a new high-quality gaming headset for less than $40."
The Recon 70 series gaming headsets come in the widest variety of colors of any headset on the market. The Xbox and PlayStation models are available in both black or white with green and blue accents, respectively, while the Nintendo Switch version has a black frame with signature red accents. Also available at participating retailers, in addition to the just-announced Recon 70 Arctic Camo, is a unique Recon 70 Midnight Red version for PS5 |PS4, along with Recon 70 Silver, Recon 70 Blue and Recon 70 Green Camo versions. All the Recon 70 colors are compatible with all game systems, PCs, and mobile devices that accept a standard 3.5 mm jack.
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4 Comments on Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset Now Available in Arctic Camo

Tom Sunday
I never purchased a headset based on colors! It has always been on sheer performance and sound quality. Arctic Camo and part of 70 color options for gamers, what a bunch of nonsense. But the cheap price point for an Artic experience I guess appeals to a lot of kids along with RGB blink to perhaps enhance the performance of other associated hardware. Of course this is good $$$ news for Turtle Beach as they do not improve on their existing product lines, but in many instances just simply slapping another coat of paint on their products. I actually overheard a bunch of high school kids asking a 'computer show' seller if RGB will improve the temperature of a AIO. It was the answer which made me turned around towards the dealer who vigorously shook his head and said: "Oh yes it has always been like this. No AIO purchase should ever be made without RGB."
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Yes I'd love to blend in AND listen to my fire mixtape to keep me warm in the middle of the arctic.
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I will never again buy a headset with that cheap plastic headband. The one on my last Turtle Beach headset broke where the headband connects to the speaker. You can tell where it will snap on these just by looking at that picture. You can't be careful enough with it, like it's designed to break.
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Look at drivers, yep, the same 40mm cheap crap.
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