Tuesday, April 27th 2021

HyperX Partners with Red Bull Racing Esports Team

[Editor's note: HyperX is still part of Kingston while the acquisition from HP is being formalized.]

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., today announced it is joining forces with the Red Bull Racing Esports team as the Official Peripheral Partner. To provide a competitive edge and take their esports racing to the next level, Red Bull Racing Esports will have access to HyperX's market-leading gaming mice and keyboards and award-winning Cloud headsets for training and competitions. As part of the partnership, HyperX branding will be featured on the team kit and in-game livery of the team cars.

HyperX has built a reputation among gaming communities around the world by creating quality peripherals that enhance the gaming experience and provide comfort and playability, enabling pro players to stay sharp and focused whether a race lasts for 30 minutes or six hours.
"Red Bull has been a longstanding partner of HyperX, whether running LIVE arena tournaments or competitions, so it was a natural progression to expand our partnership to include sponsorship of the Red Bull Racing Esports team," said Paul Leaman, vice president, HyperX - EMEA. "We also see a lot of synergy between our brands as Red Bull 'gives wings' to people and ideas. HyperX is driven by passion to shape the culture of gaming and empower each individual to achieve their best."

The HyperX line of Cloud gaming headsets not only offer top quality audio, ensuring Red Bull Racing Esports drivers don't miss out on crucial information, but they are also lightweight and feature HyperX's signature memory foam found within the earcups and headbands to guarantee comfort and adaptability.

Red Bull Racing Honda's Chief Marketing Officer, Oliver Hughes, said: "We are incredibly proud of the growth and success of our Esports Team, which is in turn enabling us to partner with other market leaders in this space. Competing in such a wide variety of sim racing series' relies on maintaining absolute focus and concentration during training and competition. Our drivers process a huge volume of audio and visual information incredibly quickly and need to react in an instant without distraction. Having the right peripherals is crucial and our new partnership with HyperX will enhance the audio experience and competitiveness of our sim racers."
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robot zombie
We also see a lot of synergy between our brands as Red Bull 'gives wings' to people and ideas.
Cheeky, or very poorly primed? Red Bull paid out $13m to customers over that claim sometime around 2014 :laugh: I remember because I got 10 bucks or free Red Bull.

I guess the Vice Prez of HyperX doesn't have time to learn who he works with. Ahhhh.... I'm sorry. I don't have anything bad to say about a single HyperX product I've used. They're a decent brand, occasionally comin through with a good deal on a generally solid product.

Stuff like that's just funny to me. It's such a big faux pas, that I'm betting nobody catches. Just such an "Oooo... he went with that one eh?" moment.

My favorite part about the Red Bull thing... anybody who knows energy drinks knows Red Bull is one of the tamest, plainest-tasting energy drinks that you can buy for double the money. If anything is giving you wings, it's friggin Bang or those dang lil shots. Only thing Red Bull ever elevated was my acid reflux.
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Wasn't HyperX sold to HP? *Checks OP again* Yep. If I'm being honest I don't like HyperX becoming a distant memory like every other thing sold to HP. Goodbye HyperX. You shall be missed.
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robot zombie
KhonjelWasn't HyperX sold to HP? *Checks OP again* Yep. If I'm being honest I don't like HyperX becoming a distant memory like every other thing sold to HP. Goodbye HyperX. You shall be missed.
I didn't even catch that! I don't really know much about HP's practices, but I can say that's still a bummer. I could swear Kingston is like, half the reason I ever looked at HyperX in the first place. They were RAM modules. And part of the reason I bought them was because Kingston was a brand I had some good experiences with, even if only as a budget brand. "Hey, these are a little nicer than the usual Kingston stuff, and that Kingston stuff hasn't been bad yet..."

It was really their product I was buying.

Though these days, I already see them as another one of those AIO brands. But I'm okay with it because I also happen to think they're still one of the good ones. The products I like from them aren't even special. Like this keyboard I've got from them. It's just a plain Cherry Red TKL with red LED's and a metal top plate. But I also only paid $65 for it. Completely spartan, but to get a high quality keyboard with Cherry at all at that price was unheard of when I bought it. The original price was still under $100, too. It's a completely generic product, but I have a great typing experience... and even the ABS caps are holding up well for how aggressive I am. Inexpensive, but not cheap. Usually when HyperX drops a value item, you get something as simple as it can be for that price, but with a quality bump.

Maybe that will change now. I don't know. But we're already talking about a company using the same model as a lot of the others like them, where most of their range is just custom outsourced stuff. What makes them good is the selection and tiering structure they go with. Or at least, that's my main consideration when shopping AIO brands. Let reviews and tests tell me if it's a lemon model. Past that, they're all kind of homogeneous on the quality and features... so it comes to the balancing on the levels of what they offer. It's the same spectrum... they're largely what you might call sticker brands. Sure, the exact products are unique to them, but they come from similar places that all do things the same way. It's just a matter of which middleman you trust the most or sits in your budget sweet spot.

Just my opinion on that. Everyone has their own attitudes towards their buying. I'm just saying that for me, it's neither here nor there as of yet. If they switch up their whole strategy and it sucks, that really will suck. It's not like I really have a loyalty to any of them in particular, but I notice ones that regularly pan out or just consistently have good options for me laid out. I like to have as many of those in my head as possible so that when I'm actually shopping for parts or peripherals, I have more reach when it comes to options. HyperX is more one of those brands for me. It would be a shame for them to go downhill.

And I think they were that, for Kingston. A lot of brands are doing that model, where they want to sell you on something for every aspect of your PC setup... almost like a lifestyle brand. It's prudent even for established brands to get in on it. I think Cooler Master formally went that way with the launch of a display or two a little while back. They specifically said this is what they were doing. As have others. Every mobo manufacturer seems to do it. So I also think that maybe HP is seeing that ready-made in HyperX... though yeah, cannibalization isn't really off of the table for that same reason. So I do understand. I just wonder what they really have in mind, since they don't really deal in parts in that space. Peripherals, sure. But HyperX is more than peripherals.
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