Thursday, April 29th 2021

Colorful Relaunches COLORFIRE Brand with Pink NVIDIA Cards

Colorful retired the COLORFIRE brand several years ago when it announced it would stop producing Radeon graphics cards. The COLORFIRE brand is now making a comeback with the announcement of three very pink NVIDIA cards. Colorful will be launching the triple-fan GTX 1660 SUPER Vitality OC, dual-fan GTX 1650 SUPER Vitality OC, and the dual-fan GTX 1650 GDDR6 Vitality OC. While the three news cards all carry the Vitality OC name only the triple-fan GTX 1660 SUPER Vitality OC includes a factory overclock of 2.5% to 1830 MHz. We don't currently have any pricing or availability information for these cards.
Source: VideoCardz
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8 Comments on Colorful Relaunches COLORFIRE Brand with Pink NVIDIA Cards

Progressive colours, regressive models
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Where's the spew emote?
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doesn't look good, seems funky
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I have gamergirl friends who'd sell their bathwater to own one of those - but as a 3070.
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anutha quick money grab by using up all those older GPU's BEFORE the 3xx series shortages start to subside, at which time very few people will be interested in 16xx cards :)

But really...chewing gum colored GPU's...p/A/s/S....

Colorful should change their name to nGreedia...

oh wait, that name's already taken....

ok howzabout nGreenia, hehehehe :D
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I your going to do pink do it right...

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Being color blind is not such a bad thing when dealing with Colorful products. :D
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Nice. They are a roll currently, releasing all these funky colours. With the current shortage, its going to sell regardless.
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