Tuesday, March 27th 2007

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl Patch Released

This is the first patch released for the long awaited S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl fixing a list of more than 68 different game issues. There are different versions of the patch for the different SKU's released worldwide and for the Digital Distribution version. Be carefull which one you use. Please note that Saved games from previous versions will NOT work with the patch. Please click here, read the patch description and download it if you want.Source: VALUE5games Forum
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aye - I patched up and there is a dramatic increase in gfx quality/fps

I am actually having a blast now, but there are still some issues I can't resolve re: AA/AF

It seems that there is no effect on the visuals no matter what setting I use for AA, be it ingame or forcing via CCC.

Nonetheless, it is very smooth now with no slowdowns, and looking nice to boot.

The underground zone under Agroprom was amazing! I love the green bubbling radiation, the lights, the flashlight effects. Very much improved
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Hmmm, I didn't really get a noticable increase in fps! Mine defaults to 1024x768 but I run 1280x768 so maybe I'm undoing the good work by increasing res'? Also, I have to turn the default settings down to play above 25 FPS, i.e. grass density, shadow details etc :shadedshu
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I'd imagine your x1650 would be pretty challenged by STALKER at that res, it makes my x1950pro work really hard, but so far nothing under 35-40fps for me except the occasional hiccup./

I'm set at high/max for aa/af (but I dunno if it's making a diff) but I have but shadows boxed unchecked, and I was running it w/o HDR since I really don't see a difference to justify the performance hit of using it over bloom
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i've seen a few systems lately with x1650's playing stalker and i think somethings up with their performance, try the latest ATI drivers and see if it helps - i saw it run (ugly) but smooth on a 7600GT, but it choked on a far superior system with an x1650PRO... maybe it was game settings, maybe it was drivers.

Just to test it rythmeister, try running 1024x768 and see if the frames go up - maybe your rig just cant handle the higher res.
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I think I may try the lower res' but I like my widescreen too much! I've turned the draw distance down to virtually nothing and that's helped a bit but I really think they sorted it out with the patch. I'm not going near the 7.3's after reading about the BSOD's caused by them! I can't use the ATI overdrive without unbearable flickering when I use any 7 series drivers, thanks a lot ATI!
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