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AOC Expands its Gaming Ecosystem with Mechanical Keyboards, Mice & Mousepads

AOC, expands its new product category of gaming accessories, which was first launched in March with the two headsets GH200 and GH300. Now, the line-up is further perfected with new gaming peripherals: mice, true mechanical and mechanical-feel keyboards and mousepads. The new products are organized in three segments to cater to the needs of different kinds of users: the competitive esports-level AGON 700-series, the mid-level 500-series and the entry-level 200-series. The new accessories are an opening to expanding the category with more products in the near future.

Gamers know that to gain the upper hand in the competitive battlefield, not only skills but also the right equipment are crucial for success. AOC gaming monitors with high refresh rates and low response times deliver fast visual feedback so gamers can react swiftly. With the new additions to AOC's portfolio, gamers will be able to build an almost complete gaming ecosystem, which allows them to be unhindered with their inputs and have their actions translated into the game world as accurately and as quickly as possible.
Superior gaming keyboards

The premium AGON keyboard AGK700 with 115 programmable keys is equipped with high-quality Cherry MX Blue/Red switches for better audible and tactile feedback, featuring n-key rollover (no limit on simultaneous key presses) and 100% anti-ghosting for an uninterrupted gaming experience. The aluminium body of the AGK700 is sturdy for high-energy competitions.

Dedicated macro keys allow the keyboard to control the gaming modes (RTS, FPS, Racing) and RGB illumination on certain AGON monitors, bringing the whole AGON ecosystem together. The light synchronization allows the whole set up, from the monitor to the mouse, keyboard and mouse pad, to pulse with color in unison. The AGK700 also comes with a magnetic, detachable wrist rest with a leather finish for an extra premium feel. The USB pass-through feature adds an easily accessible USB port right on the desk for connecting other peripherals and devices.

The mid-tier GK500 with 104 programmable keys is equipped with Outemu Red/Blue mechanical switches, n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting. The GK500 is also compatible with AOC's Light FX and can be synchronized with the monitors. Both the AGK700 and GK500 come with an extra set of W, A, S, D keys, and a braided USB cable with a gold-plated connector. For both models, keyboard profiles can be saved to the on-board memory using the G-Tools software, and changed directly on the keyboard later without using the software. Availability of the Blue or Red switch variants for the GK500 and AGK700 mechanical keyboards may vary depending on the country.

The entry-level gaming keyboard GK200 is equipped with membrane switches providing a "mechanical keyboard" feel. It is spill-resistant, so gamers will feel safe if they accidentally tip over their favorite drink in the heat of a battle. The GK200 is also equipped with rainbow light effects for extra flair, and for increased comfort during long gaming sessions, it comes with a detachable wrist rest.

High precision gaming mice

AOC's new peripheral line-up also includes gaming mice in three variants, all boasting high-quality Pixart optical sensors. All three mice support a 1000 Hz sampling rate and 1 ms polling rate. Both the AGM700 and GM500 can also synchronize their RGB lighting with the 500/700 series keyboards and selected AGON monitors. Both mice come with a 1.8 m braided USB cable and gold-plated connector.

AOC's premium AGM700 is a right-handed mouse with features that allow increased customization. The Pixart 3389 sensor is capable of 16000 Real DPI resolution, 400 inches/sec tracking speed and 50 g acceleration to match competitive gamers' swift movements. The weight of the mouse can be fine-tuned with five included weights (5 g per unit) to achieve optimal ergonomics. For increased durability, high-quality Omron switches with a 50 million keystroke lifetime are built into the left and right buttons.

The AOC GM500 is ambidextrous (suited for left or right-handed use) and features a Pixart 3325 sensor supporting 5000 Real DPI resolution, 100 inches/sec tracking speed and 20 g acceleration to be able to track accurate and fast movements. The GM500 also employs durable Omron switches. All eight buttons of the GM500 are programmable, thanks to the AOC G-Tools.

The AOC GM200 is a right-handed mouse with six buttons and Pixart 3519 sensor (4200 real DPI, 48 IPS and 10 g). For more precision, the DPI toggler button enables a quick switch between 800-1600-2400-4200 DPI.

A solid base

The AMM700 mouse pad accompanies the keyboards and mice of the AGON series and rounds up the whole package. The micro-textured cloth surface offers easy movement and provides an accurate tracking surface for the gaming mice to move on, while the anti-slip rubber base makes sure the mouse pad doesn't move unintended. The surrounding RGB LEDs can be customised with 4 lighting effects, and can be synchronised with the other AOC peripherals/monitor via the G-Tools software.

With the new AOC gaming peripherals, AOC perfects its gaming ecosystem to create more complete and more aligned gaming set ups, while bringing the gaming experience to a whole new level. Keep your eyes open for even more exciting gaming products from AOC!


For mouse and keyboard button/keyboard customization, macro recording and management, RGB effects customization and inter-device light effects sync, AOC has developed its own software: G-Tools. This software will be available for the 500- and 700-series. Also, certain AGON models support this software.

Availability & Pricing

These new keyboards and mice from AOC will be available from July 21st, the pricing can be found below.
  • GK200 Keyboard - £34 / €39,90 / CHF 49,00
  • GK500 Keyboard - £64 / €74,90 / CHF 79,00
  • AGK700 Keyboard - £155 / €179,90 / CHF 179,00
  • GM200 Mouse - £18 / €21,90 / CHF 29,00
  • GM500 Mouse - £25 / €29,90 / CHF 29,00
  • AGM700 Mouse - £47 / €54,90 / CHF 59,00
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