Thursday, June 24th 2021

Sharkoon Announces SGS2 Jr. Gaming Chair for Children

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. With the SKILLER SGS2 Jr., Sharkoon now presents its first ever gaming chair which has been especially made for children. Its ergonomic form and a backrest which can be reclined up to 135 degrees allow users to comfortably relax after doing their homework or between those occasional sessions of gaming. At the same time, a breathable upholstery provides further comfort for hours of gaming fun.

The Junior version only differs from the original SGS2 in its size, presenting itself with a sporty design and catching the eye with a choice of four dynamic color schemes. The ergonomic shape and adjustable seat-height not only allow modification for the sitting posture, but also provide a long service life as the user gets older.
Comfort without End
The user can also lean back with ease on the SGS2 Jr.: The backrest can be reclined to 135 degrees, and a relaxing break can be taken for a few moments after a studying hard for school. A spring supported tilt mechanism provides additional comfort.

Breathable Upholstery
As far as comfort is concerned, the SGS2 Jr. not only offers its mechanical features, but it also has a breathable textile covering. The durability of the covering contributes to the longevity of the chair, and it should easily meet the demands of everyday use. Neck and lumbar cushions have been included with the chair to avoid the signs of a stiff neck or back pain - even after long periods of sitting. They can be attached or removed within seconds, and the cushion covers are easy to clean.

Secure Seating
The five-star base is made of a solid synthetic material and ensures a permanent, secure stand at all times, even during demanding use. The chair offers itself as a stable construction and is therefore suitable for children and young people up to a weight of 65 kilograms.

Availability and Price
The gaming chair SKILLER SGS2 Jr. is now available in four different color schemes at the manufacturer's suggested price of 129 euros.

For more information, visit the product page.
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14 Comments on Sharkoon Announces SGS2 Jr. Gaming Chair for Children

Great. Ruining people's backs since childhood. Im sure those children will be real happy growing up with backpains due to using these stupid "gaming" chairs that are not ergonimic in any way.
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Oh yes, chairs for children. Of course they would be so uncomfortable sitting in just a regular chair so they need something they'll grow out of within 2 months /s
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Is that clip art photoshopped into the chair? Can't find someone to actually sit in it?

Regardless, I threw my gaming chair in the bin due to it ruining my body. It sounds like hyperbole but it was honestly causing damage.
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Maybe have a real kid sit in a real chair for a real photo?
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ZoneDymomy god those pics
what, you and your kid doesn't have your hand up in the air in a thumbs up all the time with a game controller in the other hand?

Yeah, it is pretty bad.
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The pics used are truly full of cringe. Plus they literally clipped a child who was sitting on something else onto their chair. :banghead:
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Get your back wrecked at young age, very good marketing.
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This reminds me of a joke Jerry Seinfeld told in one of his sets. Basically ending in “this is how the pharmaceutical industry sees the public”. Well this is how virtually any company that markets “gaming products” sees the gaming community as a whole. And yes it’s cringe and offensive.

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People need to stop buying this "gamer" shit, just stop, its all garbage. A PC should look like a PC, not some alien artifact from a B grade SCI-FI movie, and a computer chair should you know.... look like a computer chair with proper ergonomics, not some highly restrictive wanna be low grade copy from a GT3RS.
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cellar door
This shouldn't be news - these are shit quality chairs, made in china with the cheapest materials possible. Stiching breaks, PU leather flakes after just few months, they are wobbly and the base is not stable, often crocket.

Not to mention there is nothing ergonomic about them. These wreck peoples backs, only look nice in renderings.

Please don't advertise this sfuff here.
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The chairs are that good they would rather stand up and play? :wtf:
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The only thing i could say being 40 years old and looking at the children: gaming addiction just as strong as addition to drugs, alcohol, gambling. Today businessman think more addicts = more profits, ok how about next 20-40 years with people unable to do simple tasks and looking for any opportunity to entertain themselves instead of anything else.
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