Thursday, March 29th 2007

Apple updates Boot Camp for Vista

Apple has updated its Boot Camp software, adding official support for booting Windows Vista.

There's support only for 32-bit Vista, not 64-bit, but there are a few other things added into the release. There are numerous driver fixes, including added support for the iSight webcam and Apple Remote, Apple TV and Apple HiFi.

There are also driver updates for the graphics chips (including Intel integrated) and audio drivers.

Additionally, there is now a 'Boot Camp Tools' icon in the system tray, to allow quick access to fiddle with the cross-platform functions.Source: Bit-tech
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4 Comments on Apple updates Boot Camp for Vista

cool, i like that the isight camera is not supported

before the icon would show up under my computer, but if you clicked on it bsod
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Even Apple cannot escape the wrath of the BSOD!!! :roll:
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Wile E
Power User
SWEEEET!! It's about damn time I can use my remote in Windows too.
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