Thursday, March 29th 2007

TechPowerUp! forum member Slater going into surgery

I know, you were probably expecting some news on the R600, or the G90, or something actually having to do with the hardware/gaming world. However, one of our forum members, Slater, is a lot closer to the gaming community than you think. Like most techPowerUp! forum members, Slater is someone who's very willing to help someone in need. If you've ever had a problem with hackers, Windows, or programming, you probably know Slater very well. I just thought it would interest some of you to know that Slater will be going into surgery, as his hand needs reconstructing. Slater is known for posting his wisdom in such helpful threads as the "sticky" Reccomended Software.
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Semi-Retired Folder
Good luck Slater, I hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is swift.
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newtekie1 said:
Good luck Slater, I hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is swift.
thx =)
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Our family is thinking of you... Keep positive and recovery will come much quicker!
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good luck, i hope everything goes well for you.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
good luck!!! hope you are good at typing with one hand for awhile!! :respect:
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Hand reconstruction? ouch
make sure to get some quality restoration and therapy time with your favorite plant ;)
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I wish you the best of luck!
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Good luck slater, hope all goes well.
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
god bless you man i hope it turns out really well tpye aghain dude and complements on a damn good job soo far.
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good luck dude, and remember, you dont need to use two hands to have fun ;)
Unless its your favoured hand, in which case, I hope it recovers quickly :)
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thx for your kind words guys. Tomorrow is the surgery @ 1:30 EST
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Good luck Slater. We all wish you the best recovery.
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I know it will go well for you.I hope the nurses are cute!Make sure they give you good pain-killers,...and if you use them,take a laxative.
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Slater good luck bro.
Hope all goes well and hear to you soon.
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Good luck man. I'm sure it will go well, we have some of the best medical treatment in the world being a first world country.
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Positive thoughts & well wishes

Take care brother and may God bless you with a speedy recovery.:rockout:
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Oh the 7 Million Dollar Guy within our community? Great news - I will do the review of your new hand when it's finished! ;-)

No, seriously - good luck and all the best!

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Eat, sleep, game!
I dont personally know Slater, but good luck anyway m8 ;)

What happened to make him actually need the surgery (if you dont mind me asking) :(
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Whats wrong with your hand, Slater?

Good Luck!
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