Sunday, July 18th 2021

Akasa Unveils NE-west Newton NE and Plato NE Cases, Compatible with NUC Compute Elements

Akasa, a leading provider of passively cooled computer cases and accessories, has released two new fanless cases to the Newton and Plato line-up. These cases are compatible with Intel's 8th generation of Board Element motherboards, and Compute Element products, the latest technology with the potential to change everything we know about computing.

The Compute Element is a system-on-card with modular capabilities, that can be plugged into the Board Element motherboards (a carrier board with a wide variety of inputs and outputs). Intel predicts this to be the next stage of mainstream computing, as upgrades and repairs become easier and more accessible for the consumer.
Simply replace the Compute or Board Element any time you want, and put the whole arrangement into an appropriate computer case such as Akasa's newest offerings: the Newton NE and Plato NE. The compatible Compute/Board Elements with Akasa's fanless cases include all 8th generation boards, from Core i3 to i7, and the 11th generation Celeron board (a 15 W TDP limit is necessary to effectively cool the motherboards). If size is of most concern when choosing a case, the Newton NE is the solution - with a volume of less than 1.9L (176.6 x 200 x 53.6 mm), its small profile makes it discreet and great for smaller desktop setups.

The Plato NE is also a case made for the small form factor, geared to thinner applications (a mere 38.5 mm in height). Its slim body allows it to be mounted to wall racks, cabinets, or server boards, or to the back of TVs, monitors or commercial displays. With the wider length and width, the Plato NE is still efficient in its ability to dissipate heat and stay completely silent.
  • The Plato NE and Newton NE start at £93.00/ €109.00/ $129.00 and £86.00/€101.00/ $119.00 respectively (prices may vary by reseller)
  • The Plato NE and Newton NE are available to order throughout Europe and the US.
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