Sunday, August 1st 2021

XFX Intros Trio of Radeon RX 6600 XT Graphics Cards

XFX released a trio of custom-design Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics cards. These include the RX 6600 XT Speedster SWFT210 Core, the RX 6600 XT Speedster QICK308 Black, and the range-topping RX 6600 XT Speedster MERC308 Black. The Speedster SWFT210 is the entry-level, with its compact dimensions, 2-slot thickness, a single 8-pin PCIe power input, and a cooling solution that uses two fans, and the lightest heatsink in the series. This card is likely to come with a mild factory-OC that's close to reference.

The Speedster QICK308 and the Speedster MERC308 have identical dimensions, with their lengthy triple-fan cooling solutions, except the QICK308 comes with slightly lower clock speeds than the MERC308, and does away with an illuminated nameplate along the top of the card (which only goes on to improve the airflow). The MERC308 comes with this nameplate, chrome accents along the fan intakes and other parts of the cooler shroud, and the highest factory-OC. XFX hasn't disclosed the GPU game/boost frequencies for either of the three cards.
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Pretty lovely how all products come with a Stealthy version these days.

They do say, the best design is that which you don't even notice is there.

(Yes, I read the frontpage disclaimer :rolleyes:)
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Jul 1st, 2022 10:56 EDT change timezone

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