Saturday, March 31st 2007

DFI Launches the INFINITY P965 Motherboard

The Intel based INFINITY P965 motherboard provides users with a perfect solution that not only offers tremendously high performance and “over-clockablity” but also boosts an extremely attractive price. DFI has chosen to use the Intel P965 + ICH8R chipsets to allow the board to support the most advance processors (including Core 2 Quad), DDRII-800 and Crossfire functions. Although the motherboard is a bit late arriving to the market the motherboard and BIOS are brilliantly designed to offer users unsurpassed over-clocking that will not disappoint even the most advanced overclocker. In addition DFI has redesigned the packaging to further accent the fact that DFI's Infinity series have entered the next generation of gaming performance.

A chipset solution that adopts Intel P965 + ICH8R
DFI's INFINITY P965 motherboard adopted Intel's P965 chipset and did not miss a beat. The P965 is commonly regarded as “Conroe's sole platform” amongst the enthusiasts' community. The chipset embraces Intel's “Fast Memory Access Technology” to provide enhanced processing speed and supports Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows Vista. ICH8R is essentially an advanced and upgraded edition of ICH7R. It provides support for more USB and SATA slots, both in quantity and performance. Further it supports the newest technologies such as iAMT and QST. In addition the ICH8R is the most advance chipset in its family and provides enhanced RAID functionality and therefore it supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 5 categories.

4 Phases Digital PWM
Obviously since DFI is never content to use inferior components they have chosen to use the advanced 4-phase digital PWM instead of the ordinary 3-phase PWM that is commonly seen in the market these days. A digital PWM supplies components with stabilized current which is a necessity for all enthusiasts and is extremely important when the time comes to select the right type of motherboard for gaming. In addition do to its design the digital PWM works without the worry of capacitor explosion and electrolyte leakage, it gives every enthusiast unlimited freedom from fear while he is overclocking or gaming.

Supports ATI Crossfire multi-rendering
It can not be denied that Crossfire technology has brought revolutionary changes to the way 3D technologies work. Nowadays, hardcore gamers largely choose to use Crossfire technologies to provide them with the ultimate in 3D rendering while gaming. Crossfire technology certainly differentiates advanced hardcore gamers from the beginners. And since the Infinity P965 supports 2 Crossfire VGA cards (one of the PCI slots runs with x16, while the other runs with x4) it allows users to utilize the best 3D rendering technology in the market.

Uses entirely solid aluminum capacitors (INFINITY P965-S Edition)
For an added level of performance DFI has implement the use of all solid aluminum capacitors on the INFINITY P965-S. Solid aluminum capacitors provide high reliability and durability even under the most demanding of circumstances. Enthusiasts prefer solid aluminum capacitors because they know that this will allow the motherboard to work impressively even during over-clocking and without the worry of problems such as capacitor explosion or electrolyte leakage.

8 Channels high-definition audio
Besides the realistic visual effect and fabulous 3D graphics, the sound performance is another factor that attracts gamers' attention. Just imagine yourself submerged in the dynamics of gaming with full 3D graphics and lifelike sound effects; if you're not careful you might not be able to tell reality from fantasy which only leads to the thrilling experience provide by this board. That's why the INFINITY P965 adopted the 8–channel Azalea audio CODEC which provides you with the most unforgettable gaming experience of your life.

Fully supports Windows Vista
The brand new Operation system Microsoft Vista, it provides faster graphic process ability. In addition, Vista also brings a fresh experience to users about on-line security, wireless resources sharing and entertainments. DFI INFINITY P965 is fully supports Microsoft Vista.

Other Features
Four years ago, DFI was the first-in-industry to offer EZ switches for users. Now INFINITY P965 still provides the same traditional EZ on & off to let an enthusiast enjoy over-clocking with or without a computer casing. Genie BIOS of DFI motherboard is versatile at various voltage levels and settings. It is an “all time favorite” feature for enthusiasts. Other special features include high speed DDRII-800 memory support. The capacity can go up to a gigantic 8GB.

To suit the needs of enthusiasts, DFI has prepared two editions of P965 at the press time. INFINITY P965-S fully adopts aluminum solid capacitors on it board while the INFINITY P965 is the cost/performance edition without solid capacitors.Source: DFI
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10 Comments on DFI Launches the INFINITY P965 Motherboard

Senior Moderator
Yay! I want one! I wonder how fast those PciX16 are in crossfire? And the price?
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i want one too

i just bought a Asus P5B:(
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Was looking to maybe buy Infinity 975X/G in the near future, but now this came and seems like a winner. It better be cheaper than it's big brother though. Northbridge heatsink looks massive! (good)

Bigger picture of box & mobo:

Pics, bios settings, benchmarks & stuff:

CeBIT review:

2,1125V for core and 3.375V for mem! This board scares me, those would be high even for A64 : o
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FUCKING HELL *falls into a state of depression* This is like the best P965 motherboad avaliable atm.

EDIT: Though, it is inferior to the 975X/G, only 4 phase digital PVM and 16x + 4x Crossfire.
Okay i fretted too much, the 975X/G > P965 anyway but guys, this is the best P965 motherboard, compared to ASUS who use superflous cooling solutions this is a clear winner. If you plan on getting the P5B, screw it. This is way better. DFI always uses that "overclock friendly" Type of capacitor =D, and I think on both motherboards they have this "cube" type.


Something that made me cry:

-975X Supported 0 SATA Ports
-P965 Supports 2 SATA Ports.
-My motherboard is green
-P965 Infinity is Black
-P965 Comes in solid capacitor form
-P965 Comes in a extremely "pro box".
-P965 has one more PCI slot than 975X/G
I want one
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whats the diff. in 975 and 965?
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Bird of Prey
This is gonna be one sweet board for those with the time and patience to mess with all the timings.
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RickyG512 said:
i want one too

i just bought a Asus P5B:(
exactly the same here... having an xfire mobo would have left me more room for the bigass cooler on my GTX.
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Conti027 said:
whats the diff. in 975 and 965?
Difference, is that:

-965 only has a 4-phase PVM as opposed to 6-Phase
-16x + 4x Crossfire. Wheras 975X/G Has full crossfire (and SLI)
-Has two more SATA connectors.
-Does not come with ESATA
-Has one more PCI slot than the older slibling
-Black PCB
-Different circuit layout, being more logical.
-Runs cooler than 975, the stock northbridge is overkill for the Infinity P965!!! It would be better off on the 975X/G, since the heat generated is an issue on the motherboard.
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Wile E
Power User
Yeah TK, but 975 boards don't overclock near as well as 965 boards.
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Wile E said:
Yeah TK, but 975 boards don't overclock near as well as 965 boards.
Xactly, thats why im depressed. But at stock the same setup will outperform the 965... Im waiting for the Infinity 975X/G Rev.B
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