Friday, August 6th 2021

Trust Launches GXT 863 Mechanical Keyboard & GXT 922 RGB Mouse

Trust Electronics is pleased to introduce its GXT 863 Mazz mechanical keyboard and GXT 922 Ybar full RGB LED illuminated mouse. With both of these new launches, Trust is providing gamers with affordable options with attractive RGB lighting, lightning-fast mechanical switches with the GXT 863 Mazz mechanical keyboard and advanced software and programming for the GXT 922 Ybar mouse to make the gaming experience smooth, slick and more enjoyable.
Trust GXT 863 Mazz Mechanical Keyboard

Thanks to the mechanical Outemu RED switches that will last up to 50 million keystrokes, the trigger force of 50 g and an actuation point of only 2 mm, the Trust GXT 863 Mazz is extremely quick. Key presses are registered almost immediately. It also features anti-ghosting, a separate gaming mode to help a user stay focused on the game, and plenty of colorful options to suit any style.

The GXT Mazz mechanical keyboard also offers the option to personalize the color backlights as the brightness can be adjusted and there are 14 different lighting modes to choose from, including rainbow waves, to make it unique to an individual's requirements. By enabling the gaming mode, the Windows key is disabled so focus can be maintained and with the anti-ghosting N-key rollover, every button press counts!

The Trust GXT 863 Mazz is designed to give gamers the upper hand in any situation. It's fast, reliable, and colorful, making this keyboard a great fit for any gamer who doesn't want to be held back by the equipment. Trust is introducing this entry level mechanical keyboard at a new price point with the goal to strengthen its gaming keyboard offering. The combination of price and competitive features like Outemu RED switches are an interesting opportunity for PC gamers looking to replace the membrane gaming keyboard to give the set-up an upgrade.

Trust GXT 922 Ybar Gaming Mouse

The sleek Trust GXT 922 Ybar gaming mouse has a full RGB LED lighting design with a comfortable grip and impressive accuracy so that it looks great and helps gamers to play to their full potential by allowing them to ramp up their gaming fun and skills. Designed to support right-handed players and give them intuitive control, the form factor of the mouse has textures sides to add grip and comfort for hours of use. The smooth and low-friction gliding pads allow for swift actions on any surface for quick reactions to gameplay and the braided 2.1 m cable provides a great range of motion.

Using a fast-tracking optical sensor and customizable DPI settings, gamers can quickly gear up or down between 200-7200 DPI and the six responsive buttons, including two thumb buttons, ensure seamless operation. In addition, advanced software allows users to program the mouse to fit preferences and enable them to finetune their actions. By programming the six buttons, profiles and macros and even the light effects, which can range from rainbow wave to breathing RGB, the Ybar provides a fully customizable gaming experience.

Pricing & Availability

The Trust GXT 863 Mazz Mechanical Keyboard is now available to purchase from select European retailers and Amazon for £44.99.
The Trust GXT 922 Ybar Gaming Mouse is now available to purchase from select European retailers for £22.99.
Source: Trust
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3 Comments on Trust Launches GXT 863 Mechanical Keyboard & GXT 922 RGB Mouse

Not fond of Trust keyboards - have had 2 different models on work, and they have too much "cheap plastic" feeling to them, plus they where terrible to type on.
Had to bring my own Corsair K60.....
Posted on Reply
DeathtoGnomeshere ya go @Valantar :D
Thanks, but not quite what I'm looking for :p I worked in stores selling Trust gear for their budget peripheral options for quite a few years, and they always fell into that "cheap, but you can definitely feel it" category. Typically good value, but not for me. Too much of an input device snob :D
Posted on Reply
May 27th, 2022 15:40 EDT change timezone

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