Tuesday, April 3rd 2007

Current Blu-ray Players Could Become Obsolete

Although Blu-ray is still quite fresh on the shelves, owners of Blu-ray players may be concerned about news that the Blu-ray specifications are set to change this autumn. Although these players should remain adequate for general viewing, changes to BD-Java specifications mean that current devices may not be able to take full advantage of interactive features, including picture-in-picture. Unlike HD DVD players, many of the Blu-ray players don’t all have Ethernet ports to let users upgrade the firmware, so users could be left stranded – it isn’t even clear if those that can take advantage of firmware upgrades will be compatible with the new specifications. Manufactures have confirmed that new disks will still play in first generation players, but early adopters may still be disappointed that their expensive hardware has become out-dated so quickly.Source: DailyTech
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oh wow no picture in picture how terrible, because we all know that is such an incredibly popular feature when your watching movies. . . . . . :laugh: . . . . . "Current Blu-ray Players Could Become Obsolete" talk about excessive hipe lol.
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Bird of Prey
PIP doesnt make sense to have on a DVD player. "I mean, Im watching action packed kick but movie. Wow, I think I need to check the TV out because, well, I never seen this action packed movie, but hell, I got PIP so, why not just check it out with this new feature." In the meantime, I missing great parts of the movie. I just dont see anyone being that compelled to use it.
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Semi-Retired Folder
I rarely use any of the extra features when watching movies, so as long as the original players still play the actual movie I don't care. But again, this is what people get for buying the latest technology, people that buy the latest technology should be used to this sort of thing by now.

How many people bought a DVD Burner that could either burn + or -, but not both, only to have a burners that do both hit the market a few months later?*Raises Hand*

How many people bought a 7800GT/X only to have the 7900GT/X hit the market a few months later?*Raises hand*

This sort of thing goes on all the time in the electronics industry. I have finally given up on buying anything new when it first comes out.
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Alls I gotta say is, screw blu-ray. In <1 year, I'm positive Netflix will have some sort of HD downloading rental. Just got a 10mbps connection so I download 1.2megabYtes each second.
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Benpi said:
Alls I gotta say is, screw blu-ray. In <1 year, I'm positive Netflix will have some sort of HD downloading rental. Just got a 10mbps connection so I download 1.2megabYtes each second.
the only problem is most people want to watch their 60" big screen. Now, you could educate people about connecting the comp to the screen, getting more than integrated graphics, etc. or it could be like dvd, pop it in, hit the play buton at the menu and just keep it nice and easy, i don't want to be getting news while watching a movie, and i don't think download hd content for your tv via your comp is going to catch on for a while. Even the iTV can't do 1080p (i think) and even then, you need a wifi-n router to stream that kind of content. standalone players is the best way to go for now.
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I have DVI for my projector and my display.

Amazing what you can do with a bit of planning.

But I am waiting to see who is going to win this cock kick contest. A friend just bought a HD DVD player to go with his 720P LCD Projector. I will wait until they are more common, and use my 480P for now. Besides with my card it does a great job of cleaning up movies, and my Toshiba DVD player does a great job too. When they finally decide on a movie format, resolution, and audio scheme, I will upgrade again.

How many of us have the DVD Audio we were promised?
How about how great laserdiscs were?
5.1 Was good, so lets add 2 more!!!
DTS is better, but nahh, we can't do that.
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it should be recalled in this case, thats just taking a crap on the little guy, you should get sent an upgraded version
(btw i got a 7900gt when the 7950 came out weeks later and now the 8800 is less than i paid for my 7900gt(ALOT LESS), though i bought it at the wrong time when they were flying off inventory)
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