Sunday, September 19th 2021

SilverStone Intros SETA Q1, a Mid-Tower Case with a Focus on Silence

SilverStone over the weekend introduced the SETA Q1, a premium ATX mid-tower case with a design focus on silence. The case attempts to achieve soundproofing without compromising on ventilation. You can go ahead and mount up to three 140 mm fans along the front panel, ditto the top panel, and one 140 mm at the rear; and SilverStone claims that the company's soundproofing innovations should significantly lower their noise. The front-panel features a sound-proofing chamber that works like a silencer. Its body panels are lined not just with sound-proofing foam, but also asphalt.

Inside, the SilverStone SETA Q1 offers room for motherboards up to SSI-EEB, E-ATX size, graphics cards up to 39.4 cm in length, CPU coolers up to 18.2 cm in height, and PSUs up to 25 cm in length. The case can hold up to two 3.5-inch drives, and four 2.5-inch ones through mounts. In addition to 7 conventionally-located expansion slots, you get two vertical ones. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB3 type-A ports, one USB3 type-C, and a headset jack. Measuring 232 mm x 493.5 mm x 490.7 mm (WxHxD), the case dry-weighs 11.64 kg. Available from October 2021 in parts of Asia, and November or December in North America and Europe, the SilverStone SETA Q1 will be priced around USD $220.
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9 Comments on SilverStone Intros SETA Q1, a Mid-Tower Case with a Focus on Silence

I miss these Fractal designs....

Oh wait:slap:
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Feels so weird Silverstone doing something... normal for a change.
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So how much air pressure drop per 90 degree angle?

This thing has FIVE 90 degree turns in the air path.

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Cooling it going to take a massive hit with all the solid panels, even though it will help dampen sound.
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Don't forget that automotive manufacturers have been doing this sort of baffled sound engineering for their exhaust systems for decades now, although I seriously doubt SS has reached that level of refinement here.
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They will never re-remaster the FT02B.... :( Other than that, it looks like a good case, I didn't know about the sound maze in automotive industry. But with PC cases is a first time I guess.
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asphalt? Is that why it weighs 11.64 kg?
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It looks good and useful but not for stopping the sound, which is all only in the front unit which is not directly facing the user, that the top, bottom and back are full of ventilation holes without damping elements. Today the best solution is liquid cooling with radiators outside the used space connected by pipes and will get you rid of almost all noise.:)
Few cases are made for this purpose ,as they do not add outlet holes. It is a standard that is disappearing. For that money I expect much more .
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I'd rather have my Cooler Master Silencio S400. It is similar but better IMO.
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