Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK3 Keyboard with Reactive Kailh Switches

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. Sharkoon now presents a new mechanical keyboard: the SKILLER SGK3 White. This is a keyboard which boasts long-lasting mechanical switches as well as a durable overall design. The white finish gives the keyboard an unobtrusive look, while the integrated RGB lighting can be customized using the downloadable software.

Responsive Kailh Switches
In order to suit different user needs, Sharkoon offers the SKILLER SGK3 White in different switch versions. The model with red switches is characterized by a linear switch characteristic without clicking noises or resistance and is therefore ideally suited for frequent gamers. For prolific writers in office settings and for casual gamers, the versions with the tactile blue or tactile brown switches are suitable options. With an operating force of 50 grams, all three types of switches actuate after only 1.9 millimeters.
A Variety of Adjustment Options Using with the Software
Thanks to the downloadable software, extensive settings can be made, allowing the keyboard to be configured according to preference. For example, individual keys can be re-assigned, and macros can be created, saved and edited. In addition, the various illumination settings of the SKILLER SGK3 White are made fully available through the software, providing a wide range of customization. The software also allows quick and easy access to more than 15 preprogrammed lighting effects and can be used to create personalized lighting profiles. The white surface of the keyboard housing complements the illumination by providing a reflection of the chosen colors.

Durable Design
Sharkoon has paid attention to the choice of components when designing the SKILLER SGK3 White. Whether the red, blue or brown ones are chosen, the durable mechanical switches promise a long device life. The package also includes an additional keycap set, the SKILLER SAC14. The set's keycaps are made of PBT, which is a particularly robust material, and can support the user by highlighting frequently hit keys. With a life cycle of over 50 million keystrokes, the keyboard demonstrates a high degree of overall durability. The upper surface of the keyboard is made of metal, which should also contribute to the resilience and service life of the SKILLER SGK3.

Price and Availability
The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK3 White is now available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 69.90 euros.
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4 Comments on Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK3 Keyboard with Reactive Kailh Switches

I like it's overall design, nice & clean with smooth lines all around AND a nice price too. Now if they could just ditch that silly cord, I'd buy one, like, yesterday, hehehe :)
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So they reused the old Kailh clones of MX switches? Not impressed.
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Great keyboard, too bad it has no wrist-rest or a wireless option.
Posted on Reply
I kinda like it but...A. it's white B. it's full-size and C. as far as I know, Sharkoon products aren't sold in North America...
Posted on Reply
May 22nd, 2022 01:11 EDT change timezone

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