Monday, October 11th 2021

GameSir Launches the T4 Mini Wireless Cross-platform Controller

Gamesir, a leading provider of innovative, high quality gaming peripherals is pleased to announce the launch of the T4 Mini wireless controller, a smaller version of its hugely successful T4 series controller with a more compact and lightweight design. Ideal for travel and those with smaller hands. Featuring built-in 6-Axis gyro and asymmetric dual motors, the T4 mini is compatible with Switch, Android, iOS phones & PC. The first 500 orders on AliExpress will also receive a free carry case. After this date, the price will be $35.99. The T4 mini also available on the GameSir website with Amazon is expected to stock mid-November.

The majority of gaming controllers have one standard size which can make it slightly more uncomfortable for those with smaller hands to grip and play on for longer periods. Thankfully GameSir has addressed this issue with its latest release, the T4 Mini. Shaped in a compact and lightweight body, the wireless controller is ideal for families and travel and has big cross-platform compatibility, enabling gamers to use on Switch, Android, iOS phones & PC. In particular, it's a perfect fit for Switch in multiplayer gaming, providing an excellent gaming experience with its built-in 6-Axis gyro and asymmetric dual motors allowing for more motion inputs such as tilt and rotation for a more active and immersive experience. The asymmetric dual motors create different and non-monotonous vibration effects on the left and right grips, delivering vivid vibration feedback for racing, fighting and shooting games.
At a size of just L 5.63"×W 3.27", the T4 Mini allows smaller hands to hold the controller more comfortably with less fatigue. With multiple turbo setups, gamers can execute fire actions rapidly, without having to tap the buttons continuously to stop aching fingers whilst protecting the gamepad at the same time. Options include Manual Turbo, Auto Turbo, Turbo cancel of single key and Turbo cancel of all keys, allowing gamers to change their preferences depending on the game they are playing.

The T4 Mini is an ideal partner for Switch and automatically goes into an auto-sleep mode after the Switch consoles screen goes off, preserving battery life without a manual trigger. The T4 Mini will also wake up the Switch console with just one key for a quick-to-start round of gaming. When connected to smaller devices like Android and iOS phones, the T4 Mini's compatibility isn't compromised either. IOS players are able to enjoy MFi & Apple Arcade games whilst Android players are free to play HID-supported games.

The T4 doesn't just feel good, it looks good too with 4 types of backlight on the joystick, allowing gamers to customize the backlight color and modes to create a different gaming atmosphere in different scenarios, be they tense or relaxing to provide a more immersive gaming experience. The mode options include static (9 colors optional, blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple, pink, and rainbow color), 8-color cycle breathing, Rainbow breathing and off.

The T4 mini includes a built-in 600 mAh battery to provide up to 10 hours gaming from a short 3 hour charge time. The power-saving design on the auto-sleep mode will also preserve battery energy so the gaming can carry on for longer.

From October 11th-13th the T4 mini is available for $35.99.
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I just picked up the GameSir T4 Pro the other day. It's a bit bigger than the T4 Mini Wireless. I've got a few minor gripes with it, but overall it gives me a pretty good impression. The connectivity options on it are a real plus Wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth, iOS, Switch, and wired USB-C that can also operate while charging.

The four buttons on the bottom are macro buttons as well that you can assign button combinations of the X, Y, B, A, LT, RT, RB, LB game inputs to as well so want it setup to say jump and attack at the same time it's easy enough to do. I think you hold select press the M1/M2/M3/M4 buttons which ever you want to assign it to then do the button combinations then release select and it assigns the macro combo's to it. The turbo is easy enough to assign hold the turbo button and press a button turn it on or off the button will be blue when held if it's off or red and flash when on.

I like the diamond textured plastic hand grips they should be good on longevity over rubberized grips and help a lot with controller grip. The D-pad I don't quite like, but is functional. The analog sticks seem to have a rounded gate they don't hit the corners like a square gate would with a arcade stick. They seem to bit a bit shorter throw than the Electrom controller I've got. It might work well with SHMUPS I gotta try it out Starblast. I was surprised with the calibration with the diagonals. Otherwise it's seems like it has a lot flexibility and plenty to offer between turbo buttons and macro buttons.
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They sent me long ago there 1st controller. It was a limited edition color shifting one I still have it and it works years later. Great Products.

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It's got lights so you know its pro
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MusselsIt's got lights so you know its pro
It needs to be able hold my beer and allow me to drink it while being spill resistant only then will it be pro.
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Seems nice, but Bluetooth or wired so not for me. It would be close to perfect if it had a proprietary wireless receiver, I can't find anything like that.
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The T4 Pro has a USB wireless receiver the Mini doesn't appear to. The T4 Pro isn't much more it's about $35. It also comes with high end performant Pro grade stickers.
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Follow up on the calibration the controller defaults to a circular gated calibration, but you can re-calibrate it to a square gate calibration. I tried out the default and it worked fine with Starblast SHMUP overall. I haven't tried it out with calibrating it I suspect it'll feel as good or better in general for most games. I don't mind the way Gamesir has it calibrated by default though myself it would be more of a hassle to configure it for a circle gate than it is to calibrate it to a square gate. Overall I think it's for the better in the big picture. It's a little complicated though for other devices with no calibration control. It's something to be weary of overall if you aren't using it with a PC in general.

Gamesir could improve these controllers in a few ways. A tactile bump click button at the end of the pressure sensitive shoulder buttons would be nice. The analog sticks button click could be nice if it was pressure sensitive with tactile bump click at the end as well. I can just imagine the immersion it would add to certain games. The macro buttons are a nice feature, but adding the ability to setup of keyboard and controller macro's for them would be the icing on the cake improvement.
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