Wednesday, April 4th 2007

Graphics Card Tidbits Part IV

There's a lot to be told about the latest graphics card news. At first Sanjin Radoš from Fudzilla wrote a small preview about the Sapphire X1950 Pro Dual. This card, as the name already implies, is powered by two Radeon X1950 Pro chips attached to each other using a special bridge chip. Every GPU (clocked at 580 MHz) has 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 1400 Mhz at its disposal, using the right motherboard (ATI or Intel chipset) you will be able to get a 2GB CrossFire setup that probably outperforms even NVIDIA's 8800GTX card. In the article are some 3DMark06 scores that might get your wallet fear you again - the cards price will be around 500 Euros. The previewed sample was made by Sapphire and this will be earlier on the market than ASUS' design.

The next card in the row is another X1950 Pro card, this time a single chip one. It's from Jetway and it comes with GDDR4 memory clocked at 2200 MHz. Though price is still unknown but the more expensive GDDR4 memory will definitely improve the overall performance of the card.

In the last part of our 'Graphics Card Tidbits' we wrote about the GeForce 8600 GTS and its overclockability. In between Fudzilla came across a price for this card: 199 Euros. On the other side the OCWorkbench reports that drivers still don't work at 100% in terms of compatibility. SLI is not functional at the moment with the ForceWare Release 101.02 but NVIDIA is working hard on delivering at least a Beta for the release (17th of April).
This last part deals with Aseteks OEM watercooling solution called LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) that Fudzilla again runs through its paces. Designed for the OEM market this setup won't be available in stores alone. As an all in one solution it features a 12cm radiator and fan, a GPU cooler for G80 based boards and finally a CPU cooler with an integrated water pump. Fuad wasn't shy, took a Core 2 Quad Extreme together with a OCZ GeForce 8800 GTX and clocked the CPU to 3.4 GHz and the card to 618 MHz/ 1836 MHz. The whole computer system dissipated way more than 250W and was stable like a rock which is a great achievement with this cooling gear. So the résumé of Fuad is not surprising:
It is silent, it is small, and it works beautifully.
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awesome the cards really wide
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card it huge i mean if thats the 8800GTX in the pic i have the same one and its huge
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LOL at first glance at the picture with an 8800GTX and a 1950PRo, I thought they're both AGP versions..
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they should of made the power connectors sideways like 8800gtx's its a long card :S
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I'm eagerly awaiting the day when these cards come with sata connections and built-in USB, and I can do away with my CPU entirely.

(Yes, yes, I know -- it can't do everything a CPU can. Give it time. ;) )
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You should think the other way around: With the GPU integrated into the CPU why will we need a graphics card (and all it's disadvantages) then? ;)
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my x1950 dual is in the mail :P
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Ohhhhhhhh, I'd like one of those dualies...

W1zzard said:
my x1950 dual is in the mail :P
You lucky lucky man...:(
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Bird of Prey
you mean, we can quadfire setup these things? Awesome as hell. Wizz, give us a good review on it. 500 Euros is alot. Thats like $800 bucks USD
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