Tuesday, October 26th 2021

FSP Group Releases CRPS 2000W Power Supply for Datacenter Application

FSP Group, a global leading power supply manufacturer, unveiled a new family of CRPS product line with 80 Plus titanium level efficiency. The first market pioneer is FSP2000-20HM, which is designed to meet latest trend of for server, storage and networking applications. The new CRPS 2000 W broadens product portfolio of FSP Group and meets data center requirements for telecommunications, data communications, cloud infrastructure and enterprise IT customers.

With existing CRPS power ratings from 550 W up to 2400 W, FSP provides makers a full series of power solution for server, networking devices for cloud and hyperscale environments. The series can address the market from entry level systems to power-hungry, high performance servers with space constraints. FSP2000-20HM is housed in standard CRPS enclosure measuring just 2.89 x 7.28 x 1.57 inches (73.5 x 185.0 x 40 mm), achieved by digital power topology and latest component packaging techniques.
This power supply features a wide input range of 90-264 Vac, active power factor correction and is certified for 80 Plus titanium level efficiency that exceeds 96% at typical load. That means the power supply meets data center requirements in the future and saves more energy for customers. It also generates a main output of 12 Vdc as well as a 12 Vdc standby for system and power management related circuitry. The main DC output of the FSP2000-20HM can deliver up to 163.6 A continuously and an additional peak 45 A for better system peak performance. By the way, The HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current, rated 240 V) is also supported with 2000 W output.

FSP2000-20HM works with PMBus to communicate with system BMC (Board Management Controller). It can be part of the DCIM(Data Center Infrastructure Management that supports PSU monitoring and management. This supply supports cold redundancy, also known as Smart ON, which will maintain system power efficiency and availability with module power on and off through PMBus. Therefore, the system administrator can configure the power redundancy according to different scenarios. The maximum redundancy is 3+1 in configuration that supports 6000 W in total. It will satisfy most of market needs in data center.

FSP Group has the largest variety of wattages of CRPS products in the industry, ranging from 550 W to 2400 W. In addition, 550 W~2400 W products are unified into the same size so that clients don't need to adjust the size of their computer cases when upgrading, enjoying a smooth upgrade when changing to a power supply with a higher wattage. As a new product of CRPS 2000 W, FSP2000-20HM is coming with following features:
  • 80 Plus Certified Titanium Level Efficiency
  • Meet CRPS Standard
  • Support HVDC Input
  • Cold Redundancy
  • PMBus Compliant
  • High Density Design with 185 mm in Depth
For more information, visit the product page.
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