Friday, November 5th 2021

Sharkoon Unveils SKILLER SGK50 S4 60% Keyboard

Sharkoon Technologies, an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals, now presents the SKILLER SGK50 S4 - Sharkoon's first mechanical 60 percent keyboard. Its hot-swap function allows switches to be installed and removed easily, and all switches with 3 and 5 pins are supported. The Kailh switches that are typical of Sharkoon are already pre-installed on the keyboard: The linear red switches, the tactile brown switches or the clicky blue switches. But if the factory-lubricated Gateron switches are preferred, these can be purchased separately with the Sharkoon Switch Set. The keyboard has two pairs of feet and can therefore be positioned at up to three different angles. In addition, two macros with up to 16 macro actions can be recorded or overwritten without the use of any separate software.

The compact layout of 60 percent saves a considerable amount of space on the desk, allowing the mouse to be moved more freely, while the keyboard can be positioned more conveniently while gaming. Thanks to the multiple assignment of the keys, all the functions of a TKL keyboard are provided. This means that the SKILLER SGK50 S4 can still demonstrate full functionality with its handy and compact size.
The Required Switches
A total of three types of switches from the Kailh brand are available: The linear red switch with an imperceptible actuation point, which, thanks to its low operating force, is primarily aimed at gamers; the tactile brown switch with an actuation point which is not audible but which can be felt and is therefore suitable for both gaming and for office work; and the clicky blue switch, which is especially suitable for prolific writers who prefer the sensation of a typewriter. All switches have a travel path to the actuation point of 1.9 millimeters and an actuation force of 50 grams, as well as having an operating life cycle of 70 million keystrokes.

Complete Creative Freedom
Thanks to the hot-swap function, switches can be installed and removed in a few simple steps. A keycap puller tool and a switch puller tool are supplied with the keyboard for this purpose. All switches with 3 and 5 pins can be installed.

Completely without Software
With just a few key clicks, two macros with up to 16 macro actions can be recorded and overwritten without the use of software. The illumination of the SKILLER SGK50 S4 can also be set up just as easily: Using key combinations, lighting effects can be selected, and their brightness can be adjusted.

Additional Switch Types Available
In addition to the three switches available for this keyboard, Sharkoon also offers 8 different switch sets, each with 35 switches from the Kailh and Gateron brands. All switches have either linear or tactile properties, while the Gateron switches are also factory lubricated. According to the manufacturer, this should enable the switches to be operated more smoothly and deepen their sound.

Price and Availability
The SKILLER SGK50 S4 and the switch sets will be available soon. The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S4 will be available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 69.90 euros. The Sharkoon Switch Set with 35 Kailh BOX or with the Gateron Milky Yellow switches will be available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 12.90 euros. The Gateron PRO switches will be available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 9.90 euros.
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5 Comments on Sharkoon Unveils SKILLER SGK50 S4 60% Keyboard

Man, those renders look amateurish AF...
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I'm looking into getting a 60-65% keyboard for gaming, and do like the look of this one. But, for whatever reason, Sharkoon doesn't have much of a presence in North America, if at all. It's a shame too, because I find some of their mice to be interesting as well.
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well, even if it sounds stupid, i can't understand the appeal of a supershort keyboard. atleast for me i sometimes use arrow keys to navigate websites or use the 10keys for euro truck simulator as an example. it would be a hassle to use the "sharkoon" button for macro keys. apart from the size, kalih red are fine enough to type (got a sgk30) and for the price i'd say it could be a nice option for the money
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For some reason (probably because it's a ridiculous name for a product) I'm reading the word "Skiller" in Sylvester the cat's voice.

"Sufferin' scroll lock key! Sharkoon shows off Skriller keyboard"
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ISO enter in da house
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