Sunday, November 7th 2021

NZXT Announces CRFT Mass Effect Puck

NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services today announces a new Puck in NZXT's CRFT series of fan-inspired licensed products based on the iconic space opera series, Mass Effect. This year NZXT is celebrating N7 Day in style. N7 day lands on November 7th each year and is aptly named after the Systems Alliance rank from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The NZXT Mass Effect Puck features the seal of the N7 special forces and designates each Puck owner's achievement of completing the training program of the highly sought-after special class. Not only is this special edition Puck a great way to showcase N7 Day pride, it's also a stylish way to store headsets, VR headsets, or cables magnetically on a PC case.
As with all NZXT CRFT products, only a limited number of units will be made—making this an exciting and unique product for any Mass Effect fan or aspiring hero of the galaxy.

MSRP Pricing: $34.99

  • USA: Now
  • ROW: Coming soon
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5 Comments on NZXT Announces CRFT Mass Effect Puck

I enjoyed playing mass effect a lot but this is not my cup of tea
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A round piece of ABS plastic with a magnet inside for $35

They truly are the Apple of the PC parts world.
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TPU addict
caroline.vA round piece of ABS plastic with a magnet inside for $35

They truly are the Apple of the PC parts world.
Well at last it should not catch fire.
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I have two of the original pucks. Then it came out the Fortnite "Pan", which I thought the price was outrageuos. Now another "limited" series. I mean if it's not gonna be exclusive, then they might as well release a bunch of designs or let you vote for next limited series.
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Santa brought me a couple of the square black Pucks last year and I absolutely love them.
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May 16th, 2022 19:19 EDT change timezone

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