Tuesday, January 4th 2022

ASUS Announces New Intel Z690, H670, B660 and H610 Motherboards

ASUS today announced a new lineup of Z690, H670, B660, and H610 motherboards to support 12th Gen Intel Core processors, offering the latest technologies to a broader audience. The Z690 lineup expands with new ROG Strix and TUF Gaming models: the ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi, TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi, and TUF Gaming Z690-Plus. The new Z690 additions arrive with support for DDR5 memory modules.

ASUS full lineup of B660, H670, and H610 motherboards brings the Intel 12th generation platform to the mainstream. The B660 lineup features a PCIe 5.0 slot, memory overclocking, and support for DDR5 or DDR4 memory modules. The H670 chipset includes one PCIe 5.0 slot, multiple PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, and support for DDR4 memory modules. Lastly, the H610 lineup provides an affordable option for all PC builders.
All ASUS Z690, H670, B660, and H610 motherboards will include new modes to reduce overall energy footprint without diminishing exceptional performance.

Availability & Pricing

The 600 series will be available in Q1 2022 in North America.
  • PRIME H670-PLUS D4 - 159.99 USD
  • TUF GAMING H670-PRO WIFI D4 - 229.99 USD
  • ROG STRIX B660-A GAMING WIFI D4 - 239.99 USD
  • TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS WIFI D4 - 179.99 USD
  • PRIME B660M-A D4 - 139.99 USD
  • PRIME B660M-A AC D4 - 149.99 USD
  • PRIME B660M-A WIFI D4 - 159.99 USD
  • PRIME B660-PLUS D4 - 139.99 USD
  • Pro B660M-C D4-CSM - 129.99 USD
  • PRIME H610M-A D4-CSM - 109.99 USD
  • PRIME H610M-E D4 - 99.99 USD
Source: ASUS
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