Thursday, January 20th 2022

CHERRY Launches MW 9100 and MC 2.1 Mice

CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices from Germany, starts the new year 2022 with the first two product launches. Two new computer mice will expand the product range from now on: the CHERRY MW 9100 and the CHERRY MC 2.1. The resolution of the CHERRY MW 9100 can be adjusted in 3 steps. The DPI button allows you to switch between 1000, 1600 and 2400 dpi at the touch of a button. When the status LED indicates a low battery level, the mouse can be recharged via the included USB-C cable and work can be continued in a relaxed manner. One charge of the lithium battery will last for several weeks.

For maximum flexibility, the wireless PC mouse can be connected to your device via Bluetooth or via the 2.4 GHz radio receiver. A slide switch on the bottom of the mouse allows you to switch between these types of connection, and in both cases the transmission uses AES-128 encryption. Whilst travelling, the CHERRY MW 9100 can be stored in the included transport bag. The USB receiver is stored magnetically inside the mouse.
The CHERRY MC 2.1 is your mouse of choice not only when it comes to comfort but also performance. As a gaming mouse for right-handers, the CHERRY MC 2.1 fits perfectly in the hand - ergonomics and performance are paramount. The silicone inserts on the sides with their discreet surface texture feel particularly comfortable. With its extra flexible cable, reduced weight and large glide pads, the PC mouse glides easily over surfaces.

A special eye-catcher is the rubberised, translucent mouse wheel with tactile ribs for the best possible grip. Because it's transparent, it shows off the full color spectrum with 16.8 million colors (RGB) and various lighting effects. You can set the precise 5000 dpi Pixart sensor step by step, directly via the dpi switch on the mouse.

Further setting options are provided by the CHERRY UTILITY Software, which you access quickly by clicking on the CHERRY button. The software also makes it possible to freely program and store individual user profiles.

CHERRY is proud that already after the award of the keyboard MX 2.0S and the headset HC 2.2, now also the mouse CHERRY MC 2.1 has received the same award of the German Design Awards. Headset and mouse were awarded the German Design Award 2022 in the prestigious category "Excellent Product Design - Computer and Communication". Our customers can thus combine award-winning and aesthetically pleasing products of one brand to create a uniform and harmonious appearance. In the best German engineering tradition, the MC 2.1 mouse, HC 2.2 headset and MX 2.0S keyboard from CHERRY not only offer excellent design, but also outstanding performance and precision.

The CHERRY MW 9100 with an RRP of £ 38.99 and the CHERRY MC 2.1 with an RRP of £ 32.99 are available now.

For more information, visit the product pages of the MC 2.1 and MW 9100.
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5 Comments on CHERRY Launches MW 9100 and MC 2.1 Mice

which pixart does it use
Posted on Reply
lynx29reasonably priced, @pzogel do you plan to do a review?
Currently not, got plenty of other samples to work with already.
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Maybe it will be good try. every other is making shit in a row:

Razer double click,
Steelseries mice for 50+€ mouse whell dont work after 2,3 months,
Logitech have connection problems,
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I bought a MC2.1 to try alongside my beloved MX10.0n RGB...
I'm absolutely not an expert at all. I dumped all my SteelSeries stuff due to major issues with their new GG piece of shitoftware.
I read TPU reviews, and bought a G604. I wanted more buttons, wireless. It's fine, Logitech G Hub is not so intrusive and works fine.

MC 2.1 is IMO a very simple mouse, std- quality, but quite reliable. Software is very simple. The mouse sounds light in the bad way: it looks fragile.
But work is done, for me. Special big up for the very light software, not running on backgroud. Long clic on DPI switch button launches software.
Everything, for KB and M, is stored inside the peripherals.

I bought it 35 € (VAT included); seems the right price. In term of perveived quality, Rival 3 or G604 looks way more solid. I tried a Rival 5, and I'd say on par with this one.

EDIT 1: very silent wheel, lighter than SteelSeries ones. Surprisingly nice to use.
EDIT 2: I really like side buttons reactiveness and position.
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May 26th, 2022 23:38 EDT change timezone

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