Wednesday, April 11th 2007

Samsung Develops 24-inch LED-backlit LCD Panels

Samsung Electronics today announced it will begin producing a 24-inch LCD panel with an LED backlight. The LED-backlit monitor panel has an color saturation level of 111% (of NTSC standard), compared to a saturation level of only 72% of NTSC for conventional monitors and will satisfy consumers used to the crisp colors prevalent in high-definition (HD) broadcasting, according to Samsung. The new monitor display also features Samsung's S-PVA (Super Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment) technology that provides the widest viewing angle possible –180 degrees – at high contrast ratio over 1000:1. It also supports 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution, which is the computer equivalent to full HD resolution.Source: DigiTimes
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2 Comments on Samsung Develops 24-inch LED-backlit LCD Panels

Nice, I have a feeling that OLED flat panel technology will never make it onto the mainstream market as it will be superseeded by this technology. OLED may eventually be confined only to smaller applications such as cellphone and PDA displays.
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Bird of Prey
sony is driving hard on OLED technology. their first release is only gonna be 1078 x 600 though. but it will grow.
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