Wednesday, April 13th 2022

Akasa Announces SOHO AR Dawn Edition Fans

Akasa, a leading provider of active cooling and lighting solutions, has released a new colourway for their popular, premium SOHO AR case fan. With its clean white aesthetic and striking RGB ring, the SOHO AR Dawn edition is perfect for light PC builds, or to provide a contrasting colour for darker builds. Aesthetics are not the only benefit, as the SOHO AR provides high airflow with an almost silent operation.

As the newest member of the SOHO range of RGB products, the Dawn edition comes in a 120 mm size, complimenting the black Dusk edition fan. These dazzling SOHO fans have a minimalist neon style aRGB ring, with over 16 million lighting combinations. The sleek fan blades have an aerodynamic design, producing a powerful airflow of up to 52.9 CFM and strong air pressure of up to 1.75 mm-H2O.
The aRGB connects using a three-pin 5 V header, and can be seamlessly controlled using major RGB control software such as Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS AURA, ASRock Polychrome and Razer Chroma RGB. Akasa also provides aRGB controllers if the motherboard does not include them, which are an excellent addition to any colourful build (product code AK-RLD-04).

SOHO AR fans come with MHD Bearing technology, which uses magnetic fields to increase the smoothness of the bearing lubricant, leading to an extremely quiet operation, smoother rotation and an increased fan life of 40,000 hours. The padded, reinforced frame of the fan also contribute towards the soundless operation, keeping the noise to a minimum. Coupled with PWM control, the fan speed can be kept low when under light loads, essentially allowing for quiet yet powerful functionality.

The SOHO AR Dawn Edition fan (AK-FN108-WH) starts at £19.00/€19.95 (prices may vary by reseller).
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2 Comments on Akasa Announces SOHO AR Dawn Edition Fans

producing a powerful airflow of up to 52.9 CFM and strong air pressure of up to 1.75 mm-H2O.

at 2000rpm that's quite poor performance, More than ten years ago Cooler Master had a sickle flow fan that did 90cfm @2000rpm
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There’s really no way to compare unless both companies release their testing standards.
Posted on Reply
Jun 25th, 2022 21:33 EDT change timezone

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