Sunday, April 15th 2007

Inside AMD's performance testing lab

The crew from Gear Live slipped through the doors of AMD's performance testing labs and recorded their latest show of The Bleeding Edge over there. Mark Welker, who is the chief of the Client Analysis Performance Management department, explained in-depth what he and his team are doing. They showcase a Quad FX system running several applications and games at the same time, explain what you need a dual or multi core CPU for, how to properly benchmark a system and what will change if you switch from a single to a multi core CPU. Welker further adds details about the purpose of such a department, thorough testing of current hardware, the latest applications and games and as a conclusion the monthly summaries he has to deliver which you can find over here for example: AMD Processor Performance Evaluation Guide.
During such an investigating on Supreme Commander, one of the first few games that is stated to use four cores, they found out that it is not utilizing more than two cores at the moment in their labs. It remains to be seen if it's the fault of the AMD guys or a software glitch which has to be fixed by Gas Powered Games.
While you might think I am joking to bother you with a 40 minute video I can guarantee you it's worth every single one of it. The best thing is that you can download it in several formats in order to get a compatible file for your mobile video player:iPod-formatted H.264 (M4V) | Apple Quicktime TV High Resolution (MOV) | DivX (AVI) | MPEG-4 (MP4)Source: The Bleeding Edge
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Señor Moderator
Even though the nice people who made SupCom claim it utilizes 4 cores I noticed that it does not improve at all when using 2 cores over 4. (I ran SupCom using both single and dual CPU's)
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It seems HardOCP didn't have any problems at all with four cores enabled. Strange thing...
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
this is the biggest leak ever imo!! im soooo ecited evaluation guides in depth reveiw a glimps of AMd labs amazing.
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Hey! they have my pc case in the background on that vid! :) thermaltake armor series woot

P.S. Very interesting to watch, especially about the memory controller setup
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Bird of Prey
Thanks Bastieeh. Ill download this video and give it a once over.
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Dude I so want a job like that :D
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I watched it and wasn't very interested...
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I know a LOT on here will not be able understand this tech.vid,...But I did.
Thanks for posting it.
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:D Weird... i couldnt watch it through WMP11
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well that was a average waste of my time lol
I'd say anyone with above average computer knowledge shouldn't waste their time unless they want to see a quad fx in action which btw if I were that host I would've been a little more excited about seeing right in front of me
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